So on Saturday (3rd Mar) I measured in at 0.53. Not bad, but still not enough. So off I went, keep em going till Tuesday…

Today I measure in at 0.36. Say wha?! How is that even possible? The doctor (Goodrow this time) decided to ramp it up and add 1mg to each dose. So that makes it 3mg of estrace 4 times a day. 2 doses orally and 2 doses vaginally. Thank goodness the pills are tiny…cause thats a lot of pills to be shoving up my vag!

Back in again on Friday. Which is day 28 of my cycle but who’s counting really? :s This will be one mother of a period when im done…considering I’ve never had an actual period. Ever. I really hope Friday is the last of it. This is getting very tiring.


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