Yep. So it’s going up again. But slowly. This time round reminded me why I don’t think I will be staying with Isis if I do decide to go with an ivf cycle.

7:00am – I show up for my ultrasound. Receptionist seems to know me now. She doesn’t ask for my name any more. Just nods and smiles.
7:03am – get called into the changing rooms. Drop trou and lie on the bed.
7:10am – back in the waiting room. Wait for nurse to call me in to see the doctor.
7:45am – I walk up to the nurse reception and tell her I have to leave for work and can she just have the nurse call dr. G and call me in what I am supposed to do. Nurse says she will slot me in to see dr. Lee. Should have walked out right then. (this was the same doc that screwed up my last cycle) But decided to see the doc.
7:50 – dr walks in with a trolley to hold up his tablet. ( the same on that doesn’t have my records in it). He stares at it for a bit. Mumbles that it’s at 4.4. I tell him that my records are actually on a sheet and walk out if the room. I can only assume it was to go find this sheet. Since he left the tablet in the room.
8:00 – I had had enough. I walked out. Dr was nowhere to be seen. I told the nurse to call me after speaking with dr. G. She said she would make a note in my file.
8:30 – on my train to work just to be safe, I emailed the nurse who was in touch with me before this all started and let her know what happened. And to let me know what I need to do.
4:50 – Get an email back saying stay on the 12mg a day and come In on Monday when dr. G is in the clinic.

So here we are. Until Monday.


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