Some light spotting today. 

Even though the clinic harps on how light spotting is normal. And give you lots of info to take home about why spotting is fine. It’s hard not to freak out about that a little. 

It is definitely different. I had zero spotting on my last negative cycle. 

I’ve also noticed my boobs getting more sore as of 2 nights ago. Actually woke up to the pain (stomach sleeping was uncomfortable). And more cramping than usual in my lower belly for the past two days. I’ve also been more exhausted. But all those things can be the prometrium. Also exhaustion cause working late everyday will do that. 

So Ive been trying not to dwell on the symptoms too much. Im hopefully it’s all positive sign. I’m definitely starting to feel like I want to buy a pee stick. Just to see…. but I haven’t caved yet. Trying to wait. 

But as they say. The proof is in the beta. 

Still. I’m freaking out a little right now. 

Beta in 2 days. 



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