And it is done. 

The transfer went well. I liked that the RE took her time to position the cather in just the right spot. It was murder on my full bladder. But I am grateful she took the time. 

They made sure to remind me how beautiful this embryo is. A 4AB. They told me twice. Ofcourse that just made me sad because if this doesn’t work then my stupid body is to blame. 

Anyway. Not focusing on that for now. 

Enjoying the next couple of days of calm. 

My acupuncturist came to the clinic and made sure I got my sessions in before and after. I loved that. Last time I had to go to her clinic because of scheduling issues. But this was way more relaxing. 

Hopefully that made all the difference. 

I asked the nurse about working out after transfer. She said that if the embryo is going to stick it will happen in the first 2 days. After that it doesn’t matter much what I do so long as it is within the range of normal for me. Which makes me feel better about taking these two days off work. And I think in some weird way I will worry less after these crucial 2 days. Because then it either is or it isn’t. 

Beta test day is sept 15. 

Till then I’m going to over analyze every little twinge. Right now I feel a heaviness in my left lower belly. Almost like a cramp. But not really. 

Probably all in my head. But one can hope. 

Decided not to pee test till beta day. Let’s see if I cave before then. 

Till the 15th. 


2 thoughts on “PUPO

  1. Fingers crossed for you and thinking sticky thoughts! Hopefully this round is the one that works, but if not don’t blame yourself. My first round didn’t work so my doctor added in baby aspirin, lovenox, prednisone, viagra suppositories, intralipid infusions, and estrogen injections. The patches and pills did nothing for my lining but I responded surprisingly well to estrogen injections. I also did what’s called a stimulated transfer cycle which means I was doing stim medications leading to transfer (gonal and menopur) because creating follicles naturally raises your estrogen levels which in turn thickens the lining. It sounds like a lot, and it was, but it worked. I truly hope round brings you and your husband the miracle you’ve been waiting for!

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