The Test

Today marks day two of my cycle, the Estrace Test started yesterday.

Hubby, AG, underwent a minor surgical procedure (arthroscopic surgery) on his right knee last Friday and so he is unable to drive for at least two weeks. He is fine, just has a bit of a limp now as the swelling from the surgery subsides, and he starts moving his knee again. Nothing to worry about in the end, which is a relief. He had his follow up appointment today and the hospital where he had the procedure done is about an hour and a half drive away, so I took the day off to take him to his appointment. We were back by mid-afternoon, and with all this extra time to kill, I decided to get cracking on the home organization. Our books need to be rescued from their cardboard prisons, our bare walls needed to be introduced to the picture frames, and that darn closet, I donated about two large garbage bags of clothes after the move and it still feels like I have too many! Ugh! The worst part is, my sister went through my discards and took quite a few, but I found my feeling for those pieces coming back…its like an ex, you never really get over your clothes, there are so many fond memories…still I tried not to take too many back…just the ones I really really missed…

While AG took a nap on the couch, (ah this gorgeous heat does make one lazy), I decided to get a bit organized with my pill taking over the next few weeks. I laid out my pill schedule visually, like so:

and then organized them into one of those dollar store pill boxes.

I have a brain like a sieve, so whatever it takes to remind me to take these pills I will do. I might even set reminders on my phone, because knowing me I will mess this up…

I booked the lining test for June 14 at 9:30am. Apparently they only book ultrasound appointments at my clinic between 8 and 9:30 in the morning. This would have been nice to know from the get go because of all the travelling I have to do to get to the clinic. I guess I should have asked them when I met with the nurse to discuss the Estrace Test, but it didn’t occur to me that the window of opportunity would be so small. I will have to take an additional day off work, because we leave for vacation on the morning of the 15th. Not that I mind another day off, its not like I was saving them for anything. We are not planning any more vacations this year, so I might as well use them up where I can. Also both AG and I had physicals scheduled with our family doctor for the same day that will need to be rescheduled as well! Blah! Im just complaining for no reason. In the end it will be nice to have the testing done so that we can start planning for the future.