#MicroblogMonday: First world problems

Some surprising things I learnt while on vacation in Hawaii (and in no particular order):

  • Being sick with a lung and ear infection while on vacation really sucks. Especially when the vacation plans include hiking, swimming and snorkeling activities. Ok, so I knew being sick sucked. But it really sucked to have the energy zapped out of me when I had all these fun plans! I still forced myself to get out and do all the things we had planned. I wasn’t going to waste my vacation lying in bed! But everything took twice the effort and I spent a good amount of time napping on the beach. I know, rough life.
  • Surfing is so hard. By the last day of our vacation I finally felt well enough to attempt surfing for the first time. Of course, I was quickly reminded of how weak my upper arms are and this painful reminder continued well after the 12 hour plane ride home. It was still a boat load of fun and I managed to stand up on the board once for a grand total of 3 seconds. I know, I am amazing.
  • Vog is a thing. The first time our uber driver mentioned it, my husband thought they were mispronouncing ‘fog’ and was very confused because there was no fog. But vog is a reality on the islands. A portmanteau of volcanic smog, it happens when the active volcano on the Big Island releases chemicals into the atmosphere. It even forms a part of the daily weather forecast on the islands. Although we were on a different island, the wind managed to carry it over to our neck of the woods for a few days and it really put a damper on the gorgeous sunsets we enjoyed everyday. Not to mention adding the pollution to an already weak respiratory system. Good times.
  • Dolphins are actively swimming and speaking even when they are sleeping. We went on a snorkeling excursion and watched spinner dolphins swimming by as they rested. Apparently dolphins are nocturnal so in the morning when they are resting they turn off about 70% of their brain, but they still seem very active and swim in schools spinning around one another. We could even hear them coming toward us in the water before we could see them. We even followed them for a bit in our boat they were so close we could have touched them (we didn’t of course, we did our best not to disturb them or wake them up). It was amazing!
  • The return to work after two weeks off is brutal. Especially when I am the only one who can do my work (I work at small company and I am the only lawyer). I want to go back on vacation. I know, first world problems.

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