Why I want the TWW to be longer 

Hear me out. 

All my life I’ve been told repeatedly by multiple medical professionals (my parents included) that I will never have children. 

The TWW may be the only time when I can legit say I might be a little bit pregnant. 

It feels like the past 5 days since transfer have flown by. Thanks partly to a hectic work schedule and a fun packed weekend of camping to distract me (it was cold but still wonderfully relaxing). 

I know. The tww sucks. The whole not knowing thing. Really sucks. The constant yes no yes no my mind goes through every waking second is beyond suck. 

But still, in a short 3 days this could all be over and I will indeed never be pregnant. Ever. 

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I was maybe pregnant for a little while longer.


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