#MicroblogMonday: The Countdown

I decided I would add a countdown widget to this blog. I like having tangible goals I can measure. Hopefully I am not jinxing myself by being so hopeful. I decided a countdown to IVF Funding Date (December 4 2017) is the most tangible date I can anticipate. Even so, there remain a lot of ‘ifs’ that can change the date. If other’s in line before me drop out, funding date may come sooner. If DE sis wants to try for #2  sooner, we may just opt to go for a paid cycle and start earlier in the year. Regardless, it is the only real date I have to look forward to.

So here it is by the numbers:

  • Number of Days left until IVF Funding Date: 462
  • Number of Months left until IVF Funding Date: 15
  • Number of #MicroblogMonday’s left until IVF Funding Date: 79

Damn. Still feels like an awfully long time to wait.

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What did we do before YouTube?

On Monday our dishwasher latch broke. Well it stopped latching properly. Which meant it wouldn’t turn on. Ofcourse DH, to whom I would have delegated the task of solving this problem, is out of town till Sunday. Naturally, the dishwasher is half full of 2 day old dishes when I discover the problem.

Since our condo is just over a year old, I started by calling the builder’s technician who agreed to come in and have a look for free to see if it is a broken part issue (even though it is out of warranty). 

On Wednesday he came in while I was at work, did something, and when I came home it was latching properly again. Yay!  I filled it up even more and went to turn in on. Same problem. Won’t latch. Now I have 4 day old dishes piling up in there. Ugh. 

I was at the point of no return. There were just too many dishes to wash by hand at this point. I needed the dishwasher fixed asap!

Tried to call the tech back. But couldn’t get a hold of him. 

 So I googled it.

And sure enough there were a few YouTube videos explaining how to fix this exact problem. 

It worked! I wish I had thought of youtubing it sooner! My dishwasher is now humming away and I am pretty damn proud of myself for fixing the problem without paying a repairman to basically unscrew the door and jiggle the latch. 

When I told DH what I accomplished he was proud of me. And then he assured me that, had he been home, he would have supervised my repair work. 

Love that man. 

Dec 4 2017


Got my government funded ivf cycle date. 

The good news. It’s in early December and could move up a few days or weeks if a lucky few manage to make a miracle happen without ivf and choose to give up their funding date. 

The bad news is we are talking 2017. So about 15 months away. Also my sister is most likely going to want to be pregnant by then. So the likelihood of me using a funded cycle is low at best. Logistically, ED sis needs to be ready and willing when her retrieval cycle starts in December 2017. Then they will likely freeze all embryos while I prep for transfer. So really, transfers for me won’t happen till early 2018. And I am assuming that it will take a few tries (if it will work at all). 

Realistically, I think ED sis will start her investigations some time next spring/summer and at that time we will likely opt for a privately funded cycle (note to self: need to save up $20,000 in the next 8 months). And see where things go from there. 

One thing I have been thinking is that I could, as a back up, ask my bestie (who has offered her eggs up) to provide her donation during the govt funded cycle time. That way we have 2 batches of potentially viable embryos. Sort of a buy one get one free sort of deal. But I feel that is incredibly selfish. Will I really try that many times? Is it a waste of perfectly good embryos to keep trying and failing?

I mean when is enough really enough? Not sure I know the answer. But I guess I have time to think about it. 

Best period ever.

The irony of the title is not lost on me.

This was my best period ever. Period. (pun intended!)

Also TMI alert.

This time around the blood was red. Like fresh red. Almost too red. All my years of the pill and HRT I have never had a period that was this red and ‘fresh’. It is always dark brown blood, almost black. Which indicates old blood. Speaking to my naturopath about it, she indicated that old blood means that it is not leaving your system fast enough. It is just kinda sitting around not doing much. It is important to have fresh blood, so you know that your body is expelling as soon as it happens. Like it is supposed to. So I take that as a good sign.

It was also a whole lot heavier than I have ever experienced. Now by no means would I classify this as a heavy period. But I actually needed to change my pad three times on day 1 and 2. Most months I change my pad once a day and I’ve even survived on just panty liners for an entire period. So yes. This is a big deal.

I felt cramps. Like honest to goodness heaviness and mild cramping in my lower abdomen. Again not severe enough to complain about. But I don’t cramp. It is just not something I experience on a monthly basis.

My period this month confirms that this lining was my thickest yet (see my summary of all my cycles here). So all in all, even though I developed fluid in the last week of this cycle, I believe that the Estrace, Estradot, Sildenafil combo really did help build up my lining and I think it is a keeper.

It remains to be seen if after a year and a bit off from the drugs my body will still respond in the same way, and maybe do a little bit better. But since hope is all I’ve got. I’ll take it.


The verdict

So yesterday was the final lining check on day 34. I actually managed to reduce my lining to 5.4 and built up some fluid in my lining. Also my fibroid had started to grow. Not entirely a great cycle. 

I have a few theories why my lining failed in the last week. And mostly it is all my fault. First, I was not able to get refills of my slidenafil Rx in time. Dr. Go only prescribed 21 days worth originally, and after my check on day 21 when I got my new Rx, the pharmacist needed at least 2 days to make a new batch. Second, It happened to be a Friday just before a long weekend and a camping trip that took me out of town. So that meant I had to miss a day and a half of taking sildenafil. Not ideal.

Also this cycle I opted not to do acupuncture. Just to see what a purely drug induced cycle would achieve. (And also because I had maxed out my benefits and I would rather save my money for the real deal).

So perhaps if I take all the drugs correctly, and couple that with acupuncture. Maybe, just maybe, we can get a bit past a lining of 6? Is that too much to hope for?

Dr.Go says he typically likes to see a lining of 8. But has gone as low as 7 or 6 in the past and seen some success. But it’s not ideal. He said we can try a few cycles when the time comes and if we can’t get much higher, we can look at surrogacy as an option. However, at this moment that is where I am going to draw the line. Personally I feel that if I am not carrying a baby myself then there is no point in someone else doing it for me. We may as well adopt.

So that’s where we left that. 

For this apt with Dr. Go I also brought along my sister and her husband to talk about the whole egg donation process. 

It went well. Mostly information gathering and figuring out if this whole process will work with their family planning. She is planning on breast feeding for the next 5-10 months, depending on her supply/ kiddo’s demand. Then they would like to start trying for #2 almost immediately. Which means that we could potentially have an egg retrieval cycle some time next summer/fall right before they start for #2. Luckily it is only 1 month out of her life she has to dedicate to this (setting aside the inconvenience of the injections and dr visits).

The only kink in that is the wait list for a government funded cycle. They are currently booking into November/December 2017. Yes. 2017! Which means transfers are not likely until 2017-2018 depending how successful those are. Not exactly ideal for timing. There is a small chance the date will get moved up since some people drop out if other less invasive methods work to get them pregnant. But still the difference will be weeks not months. 

For now I have asked to put my name on the list to at least get me in line for a funded cycle. The cost difference between a govt funded cycle and a regular one is approx $10,000.  All depending on how many embryos manage to make it (the govt will pay for all transfers that come from the funded cycle batch). 

I have a follow up scheduled for May 2017. Once my sister stops breast feeding she will be referred to another Dr at the clinic for her own independent medical assessment and we can discuss paid v. funded cycle depending on what her and her husband want and the timing. 

I know it is selfish but I wish they would wait until my funding date comes through. That would make it a whole lot easier for me. But I know that it is unreasonable of me to ask them to wait a whole year and a half for their family just so we can have a remote chance at growing ours. 

For now it’s a waiting game. And I need to start seriously saving up for next year. It’s going to be a very expensive year.

For now, I am glad to be off the medication though. It will be nice to get back into my routine and shed off some of this hormone weight I have gained.