One of the major challenges I faced was growing an endometrial lining thick enough to support implantation and pregnancy. I have been to three different Reproductive Endocrinologists who each had a different protocol to build a lining.

Along the way I also continued to research and add in other naturopathic remedies that I felt might boost my chances. I summarize them all here.

Attached is a breakdown how each mock cycle played out. I have tried to keep track of the specific Rx and supplements taken with each cycle and the resulting lining.

Link to PDF: Mock Cycle Results

The Real Deal:

DE IVF Cycle #1: June 2017

  • Started supplements February 2017-
    • Omega 3 (1250 mg) with Vitamin D (1000 IU) once a day
    • Vitamin E (400 IU) twice a day
    • Prenatal Vitamins with DHA – once a day
    • Folic Acid (1 mg) once a day
    • Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea – 1 cup once a day
  • Started acupuncture March 2017- once a week till start of cycle, then twice a week till transfer day.
  • Cycle started May 14, 2017 –
    • CD 2 to CD 14:
      • estrace – 2 mg twice a day – per vagina
      • estradot 100 patch – change every other day
      • sildenafil – 25 mg four times a day – per vagina
      • continue supplements and acupuncture as above
    • Day 14 lining: 0.72 to 0.75
    • Continue meds to Day 17
    • Day 17 lining: