Is it possible to OD on estrogen?

So after visting the Gyno who will be performing my hysteroscopy in a couple of weeks, he prescibed me some HRT as well. This includes some estrogen cream as well as progesterone supplements to use daily.

After I visited my naturopath Dr. F, she also prescribes several supplements including an estrogen cream and some other supplements to boost lining growth and ovarian response.

I have not started any of these yet, but was thinking of starting them in June with my next cycle. But now I wonder if that is too much? Since the mock cycle will have me ingesting 2mg of estrogen twice a day as well.

How much is too much? Ofcourse I will be posing these questions to the nurse and doctor at my next random day 3 test which will likely be June 7th-ish when I will start my next mock cycle.

I have already emailed Dr. F to ask her opinion on what meds I should be taking during the next cycle.

Until then, only a few more days of supplements for this cycle! Hooray! Never thought I would be this excited to end a cycle.

Day 21 -> 0.4

Yes again.

I guess this is not good news, but not so bad either. Dr. H did say it might take upto 3 cycles to determine whether my lining is responding properly or not. So I will reserve judgement until the next cycle. I am not looking forward to it though. Along with the psychadelic discharge, I dont enjoy shoving pills up me twice a day. It sucks. I still feel dry so it isnt fun to do. And AG has to deal with a blue penis every time we…you know…! He acts like it doesnt bother him, but I think it might, just a little. It bothers me! I guess we could just use condoms, but we havent used them in forever Im not sure either of us wants to…. we are just lazy like that! 🙂

I am looking forward to a week of no pills next week. Hopefully my v-jay will have time to recover. I swear some days it feels like it just clamps up and doesnt want any more. So wierd. Even AG found me a lot tighter a couple of days ago. Not sure if that is the drugs… it must be.

In other news, I had one of my recurring dreams again. I dont get it often, but I have had some form of this for a while now. I am driving along a long winding or hilly road. This time I have passengers, I believe my brother and sister were in the car with me. I find myself relying on the GPS and not looking at the road. It was dark out. The car is hard to steer and I have to work really hard to keep my car within the lanes on the GPS (almost like I am driving in a video game). All of sudden we see the ground in the GPS crack and fall away from under us, I look up just in time to see we are driving on thin ice, but we are high up in the air. I hit the breaks so we dont fall through, but I have a feeling it is too late. And I force myself to wake up in the middle of the falling sensation. Not fun.

Apparently dreaming of driving is symbolic for my path in life, and the goals I am driving towards. Not sure what the falling through thin ice implies. On other occaisions I have fallen off a bridge into water, or a cliff depending on the dream. But I am always driving, and it is always a long hilly or winding road I am unfamiliar with.

Oh well, back to real life. I have made a promise to myself to work out properly again. 5 days a week is the goal (for short but intense 30 minute sessions each day, (I am going to work out at home using some new DVDs I got). Plus play more tennis and start rock climing (indoors at first). Lets see how far I get with this goal. Im giving myself this summer to get fit again. I am tierd of hating how I look in my clothes and nothing fitting anymore. I lost it before, no reason for me to put it back on again. Hopfully I can keep the motivation!

I need a hyster-what now?


I dont know why but I do not remember Dr. H saying he wanted me to do one of these. But all of a sudden, 5 months after my last meeting with Dr. H I get an appointment with a Gyno in the City Dr. G who says that is why I am here. Ok then.

Now lets be real. I went to a Gyno like 15 years ago when I was first put on the pill. And then that was it. I do my usual physical exam, pap smear the whole bit with my family doc. But a physcial exam from a Gyno is a kinda different ball game. And I did not expect it.

So we do the usual chat about why I am here. Ok so Dr. H wants to make sure everything is hunky dory up in uterus land so would like to do a Hysteroscopy. Yes I went home and looked it up. But he also explained the procedure. He says that I will need to be sedated, take several drugs before hand to dilate my uterus and counter the effects of the mild anesthesia, and would not be able to drive home after the procedure. Fun. Oh yes, and I pay for drugs now, and we shall see if they get reimbursed later.

$200 later.

He has me go empty my bladder so he can perform a normal vaginal exam. The usual drop pants, feet in stirrups. So far so good. Then he gets right in there. Speculum comes first, thats fine. Then he starts talking…”so what kind of lawyer are you?” “Do you know so and so”…ugh! Um you are kinda in my private space here. Maybe lets not make with the chit chat. And then out comes the speculum and in goes his finger. Alrighty then. Still making chit chat? Really buddy? Lets not pretend this isnt a little bit wierd.

I just thought it was all a bit funny. My husband was there the whole time so it was all good. But just very unexpected. This wasnt one of those doctors that tells you what he is going to do. He just does it.

We concluded with one more instrument up the va-jay hole. The ultrasound. He seemed to think my lining ‘looked good’. Awesome. Estrace is working! Measured up the fibroids. No luck finding the ovaries, as usual. And we’re done.

Then wipe off the psychadellic blue discharge up and we are good to go.

Until the Hyster-whatever that I am NOT looking forward to and am really wondering if it is entirely worth it. Yes I know he can find things that we might not know about that could result in an unsuccessful cycle and we should make sure we are all clear for when we do decide to go for DE IVF. But still. I dont wanna do it. It sounds scary 😦

Im going in on June 14. Took the day off work. DH will be my designated driver. Have I mentioned Im not looking forward to it?

Day 14 -> Lining 0.4

Not bad! Half-way into the cycle and we are already getting close to the max lining I managed to build with Dr. G at the previous clinic. So I guess that is a good sign. Maybe the accupuncture worked? Ofcourse I am taking way more estrace than I did during the previous few mock cycles

Next week is the next BW&U day. And then prometrium starts. Maybe even…dare I say it… a period?!

Here’s hoping there is more of an upward trend, speaking in lining thickness terms ofcourse.

In the TMI category: Estrace has me incredibly dry down there. I even ripped the ultrasound tech’s wand condom as she tried to have a look cause it just would not slide in. She had to use some lube to get it in there. Imagine all the fun for me and DH this month! Not to mention everything that touches me down there turns turquoise!

Oh yes! And the Phlebotomist (Bloodwork tech girl) took only 2 pokes this time! I made sure to drink a full 4 glasses of water and a tea prior to the test (my ultrasound tech was not as impressed! You cant make ’em all happy I guess). I told her which vein to poke this time, but she decided to go with a different one for the first poke…then, with my best  smug look ever, I said ‘I told you so’ and then she listened to me. Got it right the second time. Will she learn for next week? Stay tuned. My veins can’t wait to find out!

Going au naturopath

I visited the naturopath Dr. F on Thursday. She was lovely. Seemed to really know what she was talking about. We started off with a very detailed history leading upto why I was interested in TCM and her services, what I wanted to achieve with her etc. I was very clear that I dont expect her to ‘cure’ my infertility, but I think she can help me to be as healthy as possible to achive the best I can with my DE/IVF. She was very understanding.

After we chatted I provided a urine sample and she conducted a physical exam which included taking my temperature, pulse, bloodpressure (it was low! suprising since I went off the pill a year ago for having high BP!), looking inside my ears, eyes and at my tounge.

My urine apparently revealed that I am stressed. Interesting. I dont feel stressed, other than the usual worrying on a daily basis about lots of little things. But maybe I am so used to being stressed that I dont notice it anymore?

She said I had a Kidney Yin deficiency with blood stasis as well. (For what its worth, this confirms what I read in the Infertitily Cure as well.)

This was followed by a detailed plan of what supplements I should take to achive my fertitliy goals. Since I am not planning on doing IVF this year, we are focusing on trying to get my ovaries to work as much as possible and to help reduce my symptoms of POF. I will post my recommended treatments in a separate post shortly. She also recommended some tests I get from my regular doctor to ensure I am totally healthy (insuling resistance, thyroid testing etc. (because of my increase in weight in the past year that I complained about). I also recieved lots of pamphlets of info.

I am supposed to avoid sugar, gluten and dairy as they increase inflamation which in turn hampers fertility. Gluten and sugar, ok I can see myself trying to reduce. But dairy? No milk? No cheese! Shoot me now! I live for my morning cup of milk. Instead of tea or coffee i would rather drink milk! She recommended a few alternatives (which I will discuss in detail in another post, and maybe review too). But I will take it in stride. Maybe this new diet will help me loose weight too?! I will try it for the summer. Why not.

Finally we ended with a session of accupuncture. My first time ever. It was…interesting. I did not sleep at all. My mind was racing and just thinking of different things as it does (maybe that is the stress indicated in my urine?). The needles themselves were not entirely painless. Although less painful than a blood draw needle, it felt like a bad insect bite. For some reason the right ankle point hurt the most. She said she would do a lining building protocol. This invloved a bunch of needle points along my legs and at my hips and uterus. The needles over my ovaries were then stimulated with electric pulses that felt much like water dropping under my skin. But not in an uncomfortable way. It was just warm and vibratey to be specific. Like I said. Interesting.

After about 30 minutes she came back. Took out the needles and I was off.

We decided I would start her meds and supplements at my next cycle, so as not to mess up the results of this cycle and to have a good baseline to start with to see if the TCM helps my next mock cycle. So next appointment with Dr. F isn’t until July.

I am very curious to see if there is a big difference after the accupuncture and TCM. Bloodwork and ultrasound were schedule for this morning and…

That is some serious blue discharge…



These little turquoise babies are paying twice daily visits to my va-jay-jay these days. And yes, while remembering to ‘take’ my pills is a pain, what I was not prepared for was the bright, and I mean Rainbow Brite turquoise discharge! It is actually a rather pretty colour if you can get over the fact that it is staining all your favourite undies.

Also I have noticed I’m feeling a bit itchy down there. That sucks. As well I seem to notice my labia are slightly swollen. But that may be normal and I just never noticed how they were before I started, since I had little reason to feel around down there on a twice daily basis… not fun. As far as I know labia swelling is not a side effect of estrogen taken intra-vaginally. So I’m not sure why that would be… or I am just crazy.

Other than that I don’t think I have had any side effects yet. I noticed that the breakouts I was experiencing on my forehead over the past year since stopping the pill have cleared up. So I definitely need some form of estrogen replacement to get my skin back on track. Will be seeing a specialist on May 14 and another one on August 21, hopefully one of them will be able to figure out the HRT side of things for me.

Tomorrow is naturopath day. Im taking a half-day off work for her. Hope she is worth it!