0.3 :(

Yup. Apparently one more week of estrace does not equal a thicker lining. Estrace levels are good according to the nurse. Sucky.

On to mock cycle 3 sometime in early August.

I was so hoping to not need a third cycle. This one will include a Nupogen injection which is supposed to give my lining an extra boost. If this doesnt work then thats it for us I’m thinking. Well we may do a consult with CCRM in August once we have all my results then make a final decision. Still, pretty disheartened today.

Sadness. And this was just a MOCK cycle 😦


Day 15 – 0.5 (!)


Not sure if it was the accupuncture with a lining building protocol I had on Friday, the fact that this is the second cycle in a row and I was starting from a lining of 0.35, or if the supplements I just started taking (likely not the latter since I didnt start those till Friday night and it has only really been 2 full days of supplements).

But something is working. And that makes me super happy! Makes this crazy hectic day at work seem all that much better all of a sudden.

I hope we can see more of an improvement in 7 days when my next lining check happens. Regardless, this is a record for me. So I shall celebrate what I can today 🙂

FYI: Ultrasound lady (same one as last time) says I had alot of gas again today and made it hard for her to see my ovaries. While I am sure that is true (We were at an amusement park all day yesterday and I all I ate was crap all day long….mmmm poutine….mmm….funnel cake….), I am not sure that that is the only reason she cant see my non-existent ovaries. It was funny to see her get annoyed at my gassy tummy. I shall try to eat better before the next appointment….maybe.

A surprise long weekend

So I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. Started to loose my voice throughout the day and sure enough was sick by Monday morning. Ofcourse I had a full day of presentations for Monday just in time for my voice to start really croaking.

I powered through Monday and while my throat is a bit better, as always the infection spread to my lungs and I thought I would power though it with just cough syrup. But now I feel like my lungs are just really stuffed up and have a really bad cough. So I will have to get some antibiotics at this point. So much for fighting through it. My husband has been especially excited to wake up to this man voice every morning.

Ofcourse my Hysteroscopy was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I called them yesterday to tell them I was still sick, and they decided to postpone to June 28. It works out better actually, since that will be almost at the end of this second mock cycle so the procedure shouldnt interfere with the results from this cycle.

I had already booked tomorrow off from work, and decided to keep the day off for a me day. Why not. I still feel ill and could use a day to just lie in bed and do nothing but recovering. Im looking forward to it. A suprise long weekend is awesome, even if I am recovering from a cold for most of it.

Summer colds suck. That is all.

Now Entering… Cycle 2

2013-06-05_153217Apparently my residual endometrial lining is 0.35 today (Day 3)! Which is a vast improvement from my ‘day 3’ one month ago result which was 0.2! So hopefully this translates into a thicker, cushier lining this time around.

On a side note. My ultrasound tech told me I had lots of gas today so she had a hard time seeing my ovaries (also probably cause they can never find them, but I didnt mention this). This was funny because I did not feel it until about 20 minutes later and then sure enough… I guess nothing slips by these folks huh? Darn sushi dinner last night.

Starting estrace this evening. Stay tuned for more psychadelic blue fun.

I did ask the nurse about my HRT meds and whether I should be taking them at the same time and she seemed to agree that I should wait until the mock cycle was over to start the HRT. But I did not hear from her that she confirmed this with the doctor…so will be emailing her back to ask this.

I keep forgetting to get my TCM drugs. Need to make a note to purchase these SOON! So I can give this cycle all the help it can get. Hopefully we wont need cycle 3! I am debating whether to go for another accupuncture treatment this cycle. Maybe. Will decide how I feel after the Hysteroscopy on Jun 14.


Most. Exciting. Day 1. Ever!







It is Day 1 today!

Not a Day 1 that I made up. I actually am seeing red today! So friggin exciting. Ofcourse this is technically a ‘withdrawl bleed’ so perhaps I shouldnt get so excited. But since I have not had a withdrawal bleed. Or any bleed at all after taking estrace for a month, this is definitly something I will allow myself to celebrate.

I can build a lining. It may not be adequate. But little uterus hasn’t given up just yet! Yay!

Onto mock cycle #2. Awaiting my call from the clinic for my random day 3 test (likely Wednesday) and I will be back at it in no time. This time I am adding the TCM meds recommended by the Naturopath. Stay tuned for deets.

On the TMI front. DH says that having sex this past week has felt amazing for him. i.e. less dry, more… lets say cushy :D….So I guess all those drugs helped improve some things 🙂