The cost of IF treatments is a major consideration. While I don’t consider myself frugal by any means, and since science can grow babies in the womb, but not money on trees, I did want to keep track of what I do spend on IF treatments, as the costs can add up pretty quickly (unless one of you has got that money tree thing all figured out… then you might just have a new best friend right here!)

Here is a running total. I will try to keep updated with actual costs (if something is an estimate I will note it as such and update when actuals come in):

Acupuncture Treatments

First visit: $180

Subsequent visits:$62.15 (estimating at least 2 cycles with approx 14 treatments per cycle, total 28 treatments: $1,740.20

On-call treatment for IVF pre and post transfer day: $250(estimating for 2 cycles, total $500)

Total: $2,170.20

Covered by supplementary medical insurance: $800

Total Out of Pocket: 1,870.20

Clinic Fees

DE funded cycle cost: $16,517 (estimated from $12,625 USD conversion using exchange rate from Feb 2017)

Mandatory counselor fee: $250

Genetic testing for DH: $400

Total: $17,167.00

Note: Additional $480/year for embryo preservation.


Estradot: $30/cycle (estimating 2 cycles, total: $60)

Sildenafil Suppositories: $150/cycle (estimating 2 cycles, total: $300)

Prenatal Vitamins: $60 for four months supply

Folic Acid: $26.00 for 1 months supply (multiply by 4 months total $268)

Omega-3 liquid + Vitamin D3: $100 (approx 7 months supply)

Vitamin E:$36.00 (approx 4 months supply)

Vitamin D3: incl. in Omega 3 supplement above

Raspberry Leaf Tea: $35 (for 100 tea bags, approx 3 months supply)

Total: $859

Grand Total: $19,396.20

All amounts in Canadian Dollars, before taxes.

Note: I do get to claim my medical expenses in my tax returns for 2017. So there may be some reimbursements there as well.


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