0.42. Shit.

So yeh. Today’s lining check revealed that the lining had increased by a measly 0.02 in the past 2 days. This sucks. However they have not given up hope yet. I am now instructed to take the pills orally and vaginally. Fun! So here I am. Lying in bed with my laptop, waiting for the 2 pills I shoved up my vag to dissolve. Apparently I also have a blue-ish purple discharge to look forward to for the next couple of days.

Smurf Vag. So fun.

I’m back in on Wednesday (in 2 days) to see if this new method of taking estrace helps move things along. I have to say though. They seem to be getting much better at knowing me and my file. Not that anyone recognizes me at the clinic yet. But this morning when I arrived at 7am for my ultrasound I was in and out in all of 15 minutes (it probably took longer to dress and undress than the ultrasound itself). And the nurse had my results ready before I could even get to the nurse’s station. She told me the result and said she would call Dr. G later and confirm my dosages, but that I was to come back in on Wednesday. She knew what I was there for with out me having to explain it to her. That in itself is a massive improvement from every other time I have been in. So while I am still apprehensive about ISIS, they are moving in the right direction to redeem themselves.


It’s the little things…

After I decided that I would never return to ISIS. I went ahead and told my family doctor to provide me with referrals to a list of other clinics I am interested in (Hannam and Markham Fertility Clinic). Then I decided I would go see Dr. G one more time just to give him a piece of my mind and to get my records to date.

Starting again at another clinic would naturally set me back in terms of the timeline (I am still waiting, it has been 2 months since the referrals and still no word on my first appointment). But then I am not in any sort of a rush. So off I went to see Dr. G one last time. When I finally did let him know what happened at my last appointment, I found myself getting so angry that I was tearing up. But I held it together enough to let him know I was not happy with the overall lack of communication and was planning on leaving ISIS.

He apologized profusely and said he had heard other complaints about the doctor that saw me. He then called the head nurse over and introduced me to her and said that she should be in contact with me over email and we could do another mock cycle, but this time that she is to contact him directly to determine the next steps.

So here I am again with a massive prescription of estrace in hand doing one more mock cycle. This time around I have felt that there is a bit more communication with Dr. G going on. Not directly by me, but either the nurse or the doctor that meets me for the lining check appointment after the ultrasound says that they will contact Dr. G to confirm what they are advising.

This time around at day 12 my lining was 0.3 (a whopping 0.02 more than the first time!) 😦 But this time the doctor looked over my file and said that she wanted me back on day 14, after a few more days of taking the same amount of estrace. On day 14 the lining had managed to make it to 0.4. Still not enough, but there is hope, since this is an increase which indicates (to me anyways) that my uterus is not just for decoration. I was then advised to come back on day 17 and to increase my dosage. I am taking estrace 4 times a day. My phone is dinging non-stop to remind me take my next dose. But I really feel hopeful that Monday (day 17) will bring good news.

It will be a small step in the right direction if I can achieve a lining of 0.6, but I believe Dr. G said even a 0.5 will do in my case. So lets see. I have been much less patient with them this time. I refused to come in for a follow up with Dr. G since he only has hours at the clinic a few days a week and never in the evenings which makes going in to see him a bit impossible without taking a day off work. Since the appointment only really involves him reading my charts and saying, yes it worked or no it didnt lets try again, I told the nurse that we can do this over the phone or email. And she agreed. I guess being a bit more aggressive pays off.

Anyway. I await the results of this mock cycle.