stuck at 0.4

Last week was the last of my lining check appointments for this cycle. And I am stuck at 0.4. Cycle day 1 shall be sometime next week and I shall update on whether my period is any heavier than the last two as Dr. H suspected.

It is still dissapointing that I cant break the 0.4 barrier. Not even a 0.45 😦

Oh well better to know now than after spending thousands of dollars on something that can never be. DH seems to be less and less inclined to go for IF treatments and just wants us to skip to adoption right away or just stay childless. Im not so sure. I feel that I owe it to myself to find out once and for all about the IF treatments. As for remaining DINKs (Double Income No Kids) forever. I am on board with that plan after we have done this research, but I feel he might change his mind in 10 years and then what?

My appointment with Dr. H is scheduled for Sept 6. Hopefully DH and I can attend together and discuss our options going forward. I think I shall also be getting copies of all of my results over this summer and consulting with the Colorado clinic shortly after that so that we can see what another doctor thinks. Second opinions cant hurt right? (well maybe hurt my wallet a little since an initial consult at that clinic is about $300).

Hysteroscopy is still scheduled for Aug 19. On the fence about whether I should bother with that at all at this point.