Fate or fortune?

I am not a religious person. I am not an atheist either. I believe there is something bigger than us. A higher power as they say. But what I struggle with is whether we are slaves to our fate, or if we make our own fortune through all the choices that we make.

Was it my fate to be born with a genetic blood disorder that gave me a life expectancy of twenty years, at best. Or was it my fortune to be born into a family of doctors, where I could get the medical attention I needed and ensure I received the bone marrow transplant that would save my life. Was it fate that my sister was born with bone marrow that matched mine, when my parents could not match. Was it fortune that my parents chose to take me to the primer facility pioneering in bone marrow transplantation to give me a chance at a ‘normal’ future aends increase my chances of success.

Was it fate that made me incapable if conceiving a child? Or am I supposed to make my own fortune here as well, and find other ways to make it happen. On the one hand I do believe our future is written. But with the same breath I would also agree that sometimes that fate can be changed. Am I doing that now? Am I trying to change my fate? Am I going too far?

Should I just let things be and play with hand that god has dealt me?


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