Bronchoscopy update 

The dr called yesterday. We all know what that means. 

Apparently in 10% of cases after a bronchoscopy the patient will get a fever. And when that happens, something will grow in the sputum. 

Sure enough. I had a fever the evening of my bronchoscopy and have been feeling slightly under the weather since. Not enough to say I’m sick. But just that not quite 100% feeling. 

Dr. F said that the culture came out positive for haemophilus. Apparently it’s a fairly common bacteria and doesn’t cause issues until another infection comes along. Normally it affects the immune compromised such as young children. And me. It is the cause of ear infections, sinus infections, and pneumonia. All of which I have on the regular (except pneumonia, I normally start treatment before I get that sick). But it all makes sense. 

Treatment is pretty straight forward. One course of azithomycin antibiotics. The Dr called in the Rx to my pharmacy and I started the antibiotics yesterday. It’s a five day course so I should be done by the time lining check day comes along. 

Seems simple enough. But then she did end the call with: I’ll call you if anything else grows in your culture. 

Great. So there could be more?! I did tell her about the ivf and she assured me this round of antibiotics will be out of my system well before any possible embryo transfer. Hopefully there is nothing else lurking in my lungs. 



The bronchoscopy went well yesterday. I was the first apt of the morning and was in and out in about 2 hours. 

I don’t remember anything about the procedure. So the sedatives did their job well. Afterwards the doctor said that everything looked good. She sent in the sputum she collected to be cultured and I won’t know the results for a few weeks. 

But for now all she said was she noticed some narrowing of the bronchioles in the bottom of my left lung. This causes mucus to collect and makes it hard for me to cough it out. Hence the constant wheezing. The culture will tell us if there is any residual bacteria in there that needs to be dear with. But likely it will come back clear. 

Long term, there isn’t much that can be done. Other than maintain an active lifestyle and take antibiotics when I get a lung infection. 

As for how this will impact my life. It shouldn’t. I should carry on and it should not affect me much. Even pregnancy will be fine. From the lung perspective anyway. So all is well on the lung front. 

Recovery from the procedure was longer than I expected. They did warn me it would be 24hours recovery. But I thought I would be up and about sooner. When I got home I napped the sedatives off. Then I was hit by a fever. The paperwork I got on discharge did mention I could get a fever. And so I was down and out for the rest of the day with chills. By about dinner time I started to feel the fever break. 

I feel 100% this morning. So literally 24 hours later. I guess when they tell you it takes 24 hours. Listen to them. I thought I’d be able to get some errands or at least reading done while I was recovering. But no such luck. 

Oh well. I’m back at work today. And back in track with this cycle. 

In other news…

My BP is back to normal-ish. 129/86 as of yesterday afternoon. Which supports my theory that it was entirely work related stress. 

But also means I will need to be extra careful to avoid that sort of stress after transfer. Easier said than done though. So I am not sure how I will avoid work stress without physically stopping work for a while.

Maybe DH and I can plan a mini vacation after transfer. Probably more like a stay-cation. I am considering it. But also it will depend on his exam schedule. He is not quite ready to write it yet. So he might push his exam date to late June/ early July. In which case I will be stay-cationing on my own. 

Still waiting on CD 1 so I can start planning for these things. 

Good news bad news

This one is a good news bad news story kinda post.

Take your pick, which do you prefer first?

Good News:

Yesterday I dropped off my Sildenafil Rx at the compounding pharmacy so they can make my suppositories for the IVF cycle. They told me that the cost for 3 weeks supply would be approx $360. This was as expected (similar to last year’s mock cycle cost).

About 15 minutes later, they called me back and said they could now obtain sildenafil in powder form (previously they had to grind down the actual tablets to powder before creating the suppositories) so would be able to make the suppositories for much cheaper: $130 for 3 weeks supply to be exact! Amazing! I’ll take it!

Bad News:

I had a visit to my long-term HRT specialist. Nothing really to report to them, since I will be doing IVF this year and if all goes well I wont need to get back to the HRT until I am about 6 weeks post partum. Fingers crossed that all works out! But the bad news is that my BP was a whopping 145/80. Ugh.

The funny thing is the week before when I visited the fetal maternal cardiologist, my BP was a cool 120/80. So literally one week I had a significant BP spike. I told the Dr. this and she still seemed very concerned and asked that I monitor this more closely.

I will keep checking my BP for the next few days to make sure this is just a one off. I have a feeling that my current stress level at work has something to do with this. We are dealing with a potentially litigious matter and that is taking up a lot of my time and energy. There is also a significant language barrier with some of the employees so it is a huge challenge communicating negotiation strategies with them when there is a basic failure to understand the culture and language in this market. Suffice to say, I have been more stressed than usual at work so that would explain my high BP right now.

At least I hope that is the reason for it, and we aren’t looking at something more serious.

I am planning to do some serious relaxing this weekend to compensate. Yoga and massage are at the top of my priorities for this weekend. Thinking calming thoughts from here on out.

The Game Plan

We have a game plan for our first cycle!

Today we had our meeting with the clinic nurse to sign up all our consents for the IVF cycle and get my Rx for the cycle. 

The plan is:

  • Call in on CD 1 to inform the nurse that we are starting our cycle (likely around May 17). 
  • On CD 2 start taking: Estradot 100mg patch. Change every 48 hours. Estrace 2mg twice a day (vaginally). And 25mg sildenafil four times a day (vaginally). 
  • On CD 14 lining check – go in for vaginal ultrasound to check lining. Goal is to see a lining of over 0.6mm. 
  • If all goes well, that is the week they will start the egg thaw and fertilization process. If not the drug regimen to continue till we meet that lining threshold. 
  • DH to provide his sample on the day of thaw. I will start my daily progesterone at the same time (continue all the other drugs mentioned above). 
  • Transfer of one 3 or 5 day blast depending on what the embryologist decides is best. 

In terms of time off work,  they do not have any recommendation one way or the other. According to the nurse, the research doesn’t prove taking time off is beneficial. So they say do what you think is best for you. 

The transfer is not an invasive procedure so technically I can go back to work that day. However I don’t think I will. It will be too nerve wracking. I am currently undecided on whether I will take more than the one day off. Leaning towards taking at least 3 days off work. Just for my own sanity. But let’s see. It might be better to keep my brain occupied with work. I’ll decide that closer to the time. 
So that’s it. Going to drop off my prescriptions to the pharmacist now. Especially the sildenafil that needs some time to compound. 

If all goes according to plan, we will likely see a transfer date of around June 1. DH is planning to schedule his major exam around the first week of June as well. But the clinic has said they can shift transfer day by a day or two if we know for sure what DH’s schedule is. So we will have to coordinate things with the clinic closer to the time. 

And that’s it. We are ready for our first IVF cycle for next month! This is happening. Come on CD 1!

Aortic valve stenosis and regurgitation

Bottom line, nothing to worry about too much right now. (Thought I would get that out of the way first.)

Ok, back to the beginning:

Met with the pregnancy heart specialist today. Dr. S. Apparently, thanks to the radiation treatment from the bone marrow transplant, my heart has some mild aortic stenosis and regurgitation. The key being that it is mild. More simply, my aortic valve is thickened slightly (stenosis) so it doesn’t close completely which causes some blood to leak back into my heart (regurgitation) in the wrong direction. Sounds scary. But she assures me that for now it is at the mild level, so is nothing to be alarmed about at this time. That and I feel absolutely fine. Have no symptoms of heart issues and can train for a 10k make me feel that this is probably not something to concern myself with right now.

She says the risk of any serious complications during a pregnancy (to do with the heart) are in the 2-3% range for me. I have to let her know as soon as I am pregnant, and she will monitor me as soon as we are pregnant and will keep an eye on things as any pregnancy progresses just in case and so we can treat any issues before they become worse, if at all.

From a long term perspective it is something that I should monitor and get regular ECGs every few years just to make sure it is not getting worse. But for now there is nothing else that can be done.

So filing this away in the ‘good to know, random things that are wrong with me thanks to the bone marrow transplant’ file in my brain, and will hopefully not have to revisit this issue for at least another 5 years when I will go for my next ECG.



IF Milestones

I (potentially) have just wrapped up my last period before we start IVF next month. Next CD1 is when we start this crazy ride. It feels like an important milestone to make note of.

Things could be very different in just over a month from now. I really hope they are. In a good way of course.