We had our WTF with Dr. Go.

What do you want first? The good news or the bad news? Feel free to choose:

Good News:

Our little frozen embaby is a 4AB!

That is stellar considering it started out as a 1BB. It really picked up steam on the last day and surprised even Dr. Go. That is great news for us as that is a pretty perfect embryo. So our chances are immensely improved on that front.

Also, we can pretty much start our next round whenever we like, except for the bad news…

Bad News:

There really isn’t anything that we can do to improve our chances for the next round. I asked about other tests, but the bottom line is that nothing is proven, and has little chance of actually boosting our chances.

  • Matris/ERA test to check receptivity of lining – this will tell us if I am one of the 10% of the population that has the issue of a different receptivity window than the usual 5 days. However, even when they have done this and implanted based on the ERA results, none of those patients have had a successful pregnancy yet.
  • Natural Killer Cells – this test is widely misunderstood. Apparently it will only test what is in your blood, which is different that the environment in the uterus. So it does not really tell us anything of value with respect to implantation.
  • Thyroid issues – My thyroid has been optimal for the past 2 years. Not likely to be an issue either.

My biggest issues is the thin lining and the fact that we just don’t know how my uterus will respond due to the radiation treatment. With respect to this past failed cycle, my lining was ok at 0.7. But optimal is 0.8 and above, so anytime they see lining below 0.8 already the chances of success are diminished. So that is likely what happened this last cycle. A decent embryo in a not so great uterus.

He did mention that he was discussing with a colleague about a new study had just come out of China that had some success with using Tamoxifen to boost lining. They are looking into it further at the clinic and they might consider adding that to my protocol to see if we can’t get my lining even thicker for the next round. He recommended letting my body go through a few ‘normal’ cycles before trying again.

He also mentioned considering a gestational carrier. I shut that down immediately. It is not a road I wish to go down, and do not feel comfortable doing at all. I honestly feel that the pain I will feel to watch another woman go through something that I should have gone through is going to be too much for me. If it is not meant to be for me then so be it. We are done. And DH feels the same way. We may open the door to adoption at that point. But for now this is it for us. Do or die.

To top it all off, our RE, Dr.Go is leaving this clinic to move to Calgary. Unfortunately I cannot follow him there. He is leaving me in the hands of another Dr. at the clinic (for ease of reference I will continue to call her Dr. Go). He has already discussed my case with her (she was the colleague he discussed Tamoxifen with) and she is familiar with our issues. I am scheduled to meet with her Aug 4 to plan our next cycle.

So the plan is to start up again in August after I have met with the new Dr. Go. I expect to have a CD1 around August 15, so potentially our FET cycle could start in mid August, so a potential transfer in early Sept.

I do have a positive feeling about the next one. If we can boost the lining to even come close to 0.8 then we may have a really solid chance of success with that excellent blast to transfer (see the good news above…).



5 thoughts on “WTF

    1. My estrogen is both patch plus pills vaginally. Plus sildenafil suppositories. No endo sctrach for me. During a previous mock cycle the scratch actually didn’t help improve my lining at all. So that was out.

  1. Great news about the super quality embryo! The whole natural killer cells and immune stuff is pretty controversial in the infertility world still. In my case the blood test showed my NK cells were elevated so for my third and fourth IVFs I took steroids to reduce inflammation and did the Intralipids. I guess it’s hard to know for sure if it’s working now because of the immune treatment or whether it might have worked anyway. But you could ask your doctor whether it might make sense for you to take prednisolone. I presume you have already checked that you don’t have a blood clotting factor? I was on baby aspirin too. Good that your thryoid is ok. Do you know your TSH value? Best of luck, I really hope things work out for you when you try next!

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