7DP5DT – and the DH update

It’s a sorry lookin’ pee stick graveyard:

Still very negative. 

Still sad.

I am less sure this has worked now. Until yesterday I believed my symptoms could be the start of pregnancy. And it was too early to really see results. I know there is still a chance. But I’m just not feeling it anymore. Literally and emotionally. 

Cramps are much less. Only when I insert the prometrium for about an hour or so. No heaviness or pain. Low back pain has subsided. It was bad the past few days. No spotting. No nausea. Heartburn has been bad the past few days. But that not new for me. I get it pretty regularly, this time it just seems much worse. That’s probably because I haven’t been taking my medication for it due to PUPO. I’ve got insomnia but that’s probably for an entirely different reason. So overall nothing much to report. 

Beta test is in 2 days and I’m not holding out too much hope other than if it’s positive then it would be a nice surprise. And honestly DH and I could use some good news right now. But if it isn’t. That’s fine too. It won’t bother me that much anymore. Probably too preoccupied worrying about DH to worry about myself.

DH should stabilize by the end of the week and be sent home. His recovery will likely take a few weeks more. Apparently it’s a 7week full recovery. But he should be past the worst of it in a week or so. 

He has SJS. Which is essentially a very severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic he was taking. It’s rare, but happens. It looks like it has not worsened since yesterday so hopefully he is on the way to recovery. There was a danger of it spreading more and his body going septic. Some infection has even reached his cornea and if it spread it could blind him. But he’s on treatment so it seems to have stopped spreading. 

 The treatment is corticosteroids and immunosuppressive treatment so his body stops attacking itself and can start healing. His skin will be peeling off, almost like a burn victim, and then he will heal. There should not be any permanent damage. 

It sucks. But he is a trooper. He’s in great spirits and the pain has subsided so that is an improvement.

His parents are going to arrive on Wednesday so it will be nice to have more hands to help. And I’m sure he will feel better with more family around. 

 My work has been very understanding. I told my president I would attend my meetings this week and then go home. He understands. So no stress there. My new assistant started yesterday so I went in for a half day yesterday to show her the ropes. I feel bad leaving her on her own without much support for the first week. But it is what it is. I’m trying to address any urgent concerns in the next day or two and then I can focus on DH and be available remotely if anything comes up. 

It’s going to be a crazy next few weeks. 


3 thoughts on “7DP5DT – and the DH update

  1. Oh man I am sorry it is not positive today. Still a chance tomorrow but I understand your perspective. And so sorrry to hear about your husband. That sounds just terrible!!!!! Is he allergic to that drug forever or is this just a fluke? Sounds like a major recovery!

    1. It’s probably a forever thing. They will investigate that once he is better. For now it’s just focus on recovery.

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