6DP5DT- distractions

First things first. Still negative: 

Next. Yesterday ended up being much more of an distraction that I bargained for. 

DH has been sick with a skin infection for over a week now. Last Friday he went to see the family doc who prescribed him some strong antibiotics and pain meds. Essentially it was a bad staph infection. 

After about 4 days the infection didn’t seem to get better and he went to see the doc again. They told him to keep at the antibiotics (14 day course) and it should resolve. 

On Friday. Still wasn’t better and now it had spread to his genitals. It was getting very painful. He went to the ER. They gave him a topical cream and told him to keep on going with the antibiotics (about half way into it by then). 

Then yesterday he woke up with hives on his hands and swollen lips and blood shot eyes. Like a serious allergic reaction. 

We got him some Benadryl but after a few hrs the hives were spreading and his throat started swelling. So we rushed him to the ER.

Turns out he had a reaction to the meds and has Steven johnsons symdrome. Basically he was poisoning his body with the antibiotics and finally his body started reacting. It’s very rare but can be very serious. So he is admitted in hospital and is awaiting a few specialists to come see him today. 

Oh. Did I mention this was all on his birthday? Poor guy can’t catch a break. He’s in good spirits but is in a lot of pain. We are happy he’s in hospital and getting the care he needs. I’m going into work this morn so I can wrap up some things and spend a couple of days with him. At least until he comes home.

I mean. That’s one way to distract yourself from the craziness of a 2ww. 


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