I feel nothing. Still early I know. I keep thinking every little twinge is something. I literally cant stop thinking about it. I think going to work tomorrow will help take my mind off things a bit.

The clinic called earlier today. There was one embryo that made it to freeze. So we have one more chance at this. The embryologist said that this was in line with the average for a donor cycle. One to transfer, one to freeze. I wish there was more. But not much I can do about it.

I dont think we will try again after this. So this is it for us. I still firmly believe that if it is meant to be we will succeed this time around. And if not, then we need to move on. It is just not what our future has in store. DH feels the same way. Although he is way more hopeful about this cycle than I am.

And so we wait.




One thought on “1DP5DT

  1. Scary to think it all comes down to this. We are on our fourth IVF like I mentioned but have decided this is our final try. I really hope and pray your embryos and mine are implanting and making themselves nice and snug now!

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