I never thought I could even get this far! If this is as pregnant as I will ever be, then this is pretty damn exciting and I am going to relish it as much as I can!

All three embryos were looking good today. One grading at a 1BB (which apparently is pretty good). That was the lucky one. The other two were at 1BC and 1 CC. 

They are going to watch those for one more day to see if they are freezable. I will get a call tomorrow to confirm. 

The actual procedure was uneventful. We were scheduled for 10am. But didn’t get to the actual transfer till about 11. So it was a lot of waiting. The worst part was inserting the catheter through the cervix. It felt so crampy. Oh and also holding my pee in the whole time! 

Now the wait. Beta blood test is scheduled for June 15. Im planning to p-test starting Saturday (4dp5dt) and probably will test daily till beta day. 

Drug wise I’m to continue the prometrium (200mg three times a day) and estrace (6mg – 1 pill in the morning 2 pills at night) until beta test day. 

DH is positive this will work. I’m not ready to think about what if he is wrong. For now I want to believe this is working. Time to start over analyzing symptoms and eat copious amounts of pineapple. 

That’s my uterus. The little flash in the middle of the ultrasound image contains the embryo. 


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