T-day: the plan

Got the call this afternoon. Unfortunately I was on another important phone call for work so I couldn’t speak to the nurse in person. 

She did leave me all the info in needed though:

Transfer scheduled for 10am. Come with a comfortably full bladder (is there really such a thing? Mine is the size of a thimble so doubt I will be anywhere near comfortable). No vaginal medication until after the procedure. 

I’ve also booked the pre and post acupuncture apts for 7:30am (ugh!) and 1pm. So this is going to be a full day deal for me. DH will be with me and studying during the down time. We have planned to treat ourselves to a really good lunch after the procedure. Take advantage of being in the city.  I mean why not right?

Work has been crazy stressful as of late. Today I worked late just to make up for lost time in the next two days. I could feel my blood pressure rising at work today. I swear it seems like all then issues happen all at once and all the idiots do stupid things at the same time just for good measure. 

I’m trying to calm myself down to just be in the moment and think positive thoughts for the next few days. But infortunately it isn’t easy to turn off work brain. Oh well. I’ll do my best. 

I’m seriously freaking out right now. This is scary. 


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