Day 4 report

(Received the call yesterday but didn’t get around to posting about it till now)

All three are doing well. And measuring exactly where they should be. 🙂
I will not get an update tomorrow. At some point today I will get a call from the nurse to schedule the transfer and to discuss prep.

I will also need to figure out the acupuncture schedule once I know my schedule for the day. 

Getting seriously freaked out right now. More on the side of: all this effort and what if there is no pay off at the end? Not nervous about a positive result if that makes any sense. I’m more nervous to fail. 

Oh well. Not much I can do now. Till tomorrow. 


2 thoughts on “Day 4 report

  1. So happy to see this update!! I looked for it again, but what was the protocol that got your lining up to 7.2? I had another cancelled cycle this month…so I’m searching for some hope 🙂

    1. What I think helped was starting supplements and weekly accupuncture 3 months before the start of my cycle. The actual protocol was: 4mg estrace twice a day (per vagina) estradot patch 100 changed every other day. 25mg sildenafil suppositories (per vagina) four times a day. 🙂

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