Soldiers lined up

DH has done the deed.

It was an amusing experience for us. I accompanied DH to the clinic, mostly because it is on my way to work anyways and I had an acupuncture appointment close by at 8:30, so why not.

We got to the clinic about 10 minutes early. There were two men also waiting. It was obvious they were there for the same thing. I guess Thursday morning is their sperm collection day.

The other two men did not have spouses to accompany them. So we sat down and the other two got called up before AG. When his turn came he was in and out in about 12 minutes. The other two had still not emerged.

I thought that was pretty funny. I told AG: if this was a competition, he just won. :p

I gave his boys a pep talk last night. I also requested DH only watch the ‘smart’ porn. i.e. something with a doctor, nurse, engineer or other similar professional so that he produces ‘smart’ sperm. Unfortunately, the ‘smartest’ choice they had was a college girl in a pool. So original. We both agree that she must have been in med school, so I guess that was close enough.

Jokes aside. DH obviously has no performance anxiety. So hopefully his sample is perfect and we get some good lookin’ embryos in the next few days.

I’m more nervous about that than anything else right now.

And so we wait.


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