Got the call. 

Thaw day: June 1 (tomorrow!)

Transfer day: June 6 (eeep!)

Start progesterone. 200mg twice a day starting tomorrow (thaw day). 

DH has do his thang tomorrow bright and early 7:45am. 

Then we wait. 

They will call me daily with the report on embryo development. And the day before transfer they will call me with the exact time to be at the clinic. 

I’m also keeping the acupuncturist on standby so she can see me before and after. She’s about 15 minutes away by subway from my clinic so I am fine with just going to her before and after. She has clinic hours on Tuesdays so she can’t come to me.  The alternative is to see someone else at my clinic while I wait for the transfer. But I’d rather work with someone I know for this. So I shall travel to her. 

I had to reschedule meetings at work for June 6. It just happens to be the one day of the week when I have a crazy amount of meetings. Oh well. 

Right now I’m really nervous for the embryos. And starting to feel panicked about this not working. Man I want this to work so bad. Is that too much to ask? What if it doesn’t work at all and all our embryos fail. Am I killing off something that could, in another circumstance, have thrived? Am I fighting a loosing battle? I have to get out of this negative head space. Just think positive. 

I am excited though. I just hope we get some good numbers in the next few days. 


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