Day 18 Lining

0.6 :s

Actually she said it is anywhere between 0.6 to 0.75. So I guess it depends on the person taking the reading. The reading on Saturday was taken by one of more senior Dr.’s in the clinic. Today’s reading was taken by a junior, probably a new Dr. as I have not seen her before.

Today’s reading took a good 5-10 minutes. She poked around took lots of pictures to make sure they had a good image of everything going on. She said the uterus looked retroverted not anteverted today. She did see the fibroid, no cysts. Lining of 0.6. Other than that no issues.

Saturday she was in and out in less than 5 and saw all she needed to see pretty fast. Anteverted uterus, fibroid 2.9×2.9, lining of 7.2 to 7.5.

Todays Dr. said it could just be an error in readings. But this would not be the first time I have had what appears to be ‘receding’ lining. This is where I wonder how accurate their readings really are. Who’s reading do I believe more? Does it really matter? They are the experts so I should just leave it to them to be the judge right?

Regardless. We have hit my target lining for a thaw. So they are proceeding with the thaw. They will call later this afternoon with the exact dates, but I have my Rx for prometrium (200mg three times a day, per vagina- like there is any other way to take drugs).

I am continuing the estrace/estradot/sildenafil till further notice.




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