Side effects 

About 10 days into taking the meds. 

So far my nipples are staring to get sore. But only if I touch them or when I’m walking around and not wearing a bra for long periods of time. It is by no means uncomfortable (yet). 

The worst of it is the sildenafil headaches. They are starting to subside as my body gets used to the medication. But they really do hurt and just get in the way of everyday life. I can’t wait to stop taking them. 

My leaky vagina is also not fun. I’m going through panty liners like I own stock in the company. And I swear my vagina is starting to reject anything I shove in. Or at least protest a little. It’s probably just the labia starting to swell from the estrace (I experienced that during my previous mock cycles too). 

On the bright side only a few days till lining check day. Most likely I will not be there yet and will need to continue the meds for another week. But if we’re lucky then we can book a transfer date soon! Which is super exciting. Especially since it will mean no more slimy sildenafil!


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