Bronchoscopy update 

The dr called yesterday. We all know what that means. 

Apparently in 10% of cases after a bronchoscopy the patient will get a fever. And when that happens, something will grow in the sputum. 

Sure enough. I had a fever the evening of my bronchoscopy and have been feeling slightly under the weather since. Not enough to say I’m sick. But just that not quite 100% feeling. 

Dr. F said that the culture came out positive for haemophilus. Apparently it’s a fairly common bacteria and doesn’t cause issues until another infection comes along. Normally it affects the immune compromised such as young children. And me. It is the cause of ear infections, sinus infections, and pneumonia. All of which I have on the regular (except pneumonia, I normally start treatment before I get that sick). But it all makes sense. 

Treatment is pretty straight forward. One course of azithomycin antibiotics. The Dr called in the Rx to my pharmacy and I started the antibiotics yesterday. It’s a five day course so I should be done by the time lining check day comes along. 

Seems simple enough. But then she did end the call with: I’ll call you if anything else grows in your culture. 

Great. So there could be more?! I did tell her about the ivf and she assured me this round of antibiotics will be out of my system well before any possible embryo transfer. Hopefully there is nothing else lurking in my lungs. 


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