Race day. Also known as CD1

Not surprisingly CD 1 came right in time for race day this past Sunday. Although, it would have been nice to have run my 10k without that heavy feeling that comes with being on your period. 

First the race. It went well. I managed to finish in the same time I finished last year. Almost to the second. So at least I’m consistent. DH shaved a few minutes off his time. Which was his goal. 

Once we were done we spent some time stretching and just enjoying that high of finishing a race. Then we went home for a shower and then off to brunch and some quality time with the family. When we got home that eveining DH forced me to take an Epsom salt bath with him and I am so glad he did. I am so not a bath person (it’s the whole sitting in your own filth business) but boy did the Epsom salts work! We both don’t feel as sore as we did the first time we ran.

CD1 outfit of the day!

I also called in my CD1 to the nurses line at the clinic. They got back to me today to schedule the lining check apt on day 14: May 27. If we’re lucky then that means a transfer is possible the first week of June! But more likely that I will need a further week of meds to get the lining up there. So we might still be on track to have a transfer on DH’s birthday on Jun 11. 

Overall it was a good day. And it’s good to start this cycle. 


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