Not a Mother’s Day

It is Mother’s Day Race Day! Last year, DH and I decided to start a new annual tradition, we run a 10K race every spring. This one happens to be held on Mothers Day every year (or it has for the last two years we have been going). Which is totally fine by us, and actually makes us look forward to this day.

Note, I use the term ‘run’ very loosely. It is more of a fast walk, with small bouts of even faster walking just to keep things interesting. DH is more of a runner and is all about beating his personal best. I had to beg him to keep the pace with me for the first half of the race, and then he is permitted to take off for the last half. My focus is more on the outfit for the day and just getting my sweat on till I cross the finish line.

Continuing the tradition this year, barring any serious weather issues, by the time this post is live, our walk run should be well underway.

Last year I was a ‘running’ virgin and this year feels much the same. Although we started training 10 weeks ago, I don’t feel that I have improved much from last year. DH has improved immensely and it is amazing to see him become such a great runner. He laps me each and every time. It is a good thing I am not competitive when it comes to sports. I have a feeling if I was a better runner than DH, he probably might not be so into participating in a race. I blame my stupid damaged lungs and lack of stamina. My brain is like ‘go go go!’ but my body is like ‘NOPE!’. But I still push myself to get out there. And the health benefits are worth it. It is also the easiest and cheapest workout next to doing youtube videos in the living room. Just put on some runners and go! So as much as I ‘hate’ running, I still do it, and really enjoy the benefits that come after the run is over.

After the race, we will join the rest of the family for a more traditional mother’s day after race brunch.

All in all it should turn out to be a pretty nice mother’s race day.






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