Bronchoscopy Update

This past weekend, I had a good chat with my father about the bronchoscopy recommended by my pulmonologist. My father was not opposed to the idea. He said that it would not hurt to have one done but he is not confident that it will help solve anything permanently. It is likely that the bronchoscopy will confirm that what I have is likely permanent damage to parts of my lungs caused by the GVH (Graft v. Host Disease) that I experienced shortly after the transplant. That being said, it is not a very invasive procedure so the risks are minimal. And it could help identify what is triggering my infections when I do get sick. So I can take more targeted treatments.

He did advise that I ask to receive some oxygen treatment prior to the procedure so my lungs have lots of residual oxygen in them to help prevent me from feeling short of breath during the procedure (this is why I love having an anesthesiologist for a father!).

I considered waiting till after our first IVF cycle to book the bronchoscopy. But then I reasoned that if IVF works, I will likely not get a chance to do the bronchoscopy for about a year (technically I could do it while pregnant, but really why risk it?). But on the flip side, if I complete the bronchoscopy now, we will know how to treat me if I do happen to get sick (which with my already weakened immune system, coupled with a pregnancy is very likely). Also there is a chance that my lungs could actually be cleared up of any residual mucus that I am having trouble getting out right now. Which can only help me if I am pregnant. It seems the positives outweigh the negatives so I am going for it.

Yesterday I called in and made the appointment for the bronchoscopy for first thing on May 18. They could have fit me in this Thursday, but DH and I are running our 10K this Sunday so I thought it was best to wait till after the run so that I am not running while my lungs might still be recovering from being prodded.

I’ve booked the day off work and DH is going to be my ride (since I will be all drugged up).

From what I am told, I have to be awake for the procedure. Probably so they can see if I am in any sort of distress. But they will sedate me to help keep me calm and prevent me from feeling too much discomfort. Apparently, I will also get to experience the joys of fentanyl when they sedate me. The whole process should only take an hour to be in and out. My throat will likely be sore after the procedure so eating will be difficult, so I will make sure to stock up on soup stock this weekend. But the soreness should not last too long and I am hoping I can eat a proper meal by the evening.

I am a bit nervous for it. Even though I literally spent my childhood in and out of the hospital, it is never fun especially when they are going to be poking and prodding me while I am awake. I just hope that the recovery is not too bad and I can actually enjoy my day off rather than spend it feeling miserable in bed.



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