Good news bad news

This one is a good news bad news story kinda post.

Take your pick, which do you prefer first?

Good News:

Yesterday I dropped off my Sildenafil Rx at the compounding pharmacy so they can make my suppositories for the IVF cycle. They told me that the cost for 3 weeks supply would be approx $360. This was as expected (similar to last year’s mock cycle cost).

About 15 minutes later, they called me back and said they could now obtain sildenafil in powder form (previously they had to grind down the actual tablets to powder before creating the suppositories) so would be able to make the suppositories for much cheaper: $130 for 3 weeks supply to be exact! Amazing! I’ll take it!

Bad News:

I had a visit to my long-term HRT specialist. Nothing really to report to them, since I will be doing IVF this year and if all goes well I wont need to get back to the HRT until I am about 6 weeks post partum. Fingers crossed that all works out! But the bad news is that my BP was a whopping 145/80. Ugh.

The funny thing is the week before when I visited the fetal maternal cardiologist, my BP was a cool 120/80. So literally one week I had a significant BP spike. I told the Dr. this and she still seemed very concerned and asked that I monitor this more closely.

I will keep checking my BP for the next few days to make sure this is just a one off. I have a feeling that my current stress level at work has something to do with this. We are dealing with a potentially litigious matter and that is taking up a lot of my time and energy. There is also a significant language barrier with some of the employees so it is a huge challenge communicating negotiation strategies with them when there is a basic failure to understand the culture and language in this market. Suffice to say, I have been more stressed than usual at work so that would explain my high BP right now.

At least I hope that is the reason for it, and we aren’t looking at something more serious.

I am planning to do some serious relaxing this weekend to compensate. Yoga and massage are at the top of my priorities for this weekend. Thinking calming thoughts from here on out.


2 thoughts on “Good news bad news

  1. Good luck! I had lining issues with my cycles and know how frustrating they can be. I hope the viagra and estrogen pills work well for you.

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