The Game Plan

We have a game plan for our first cycle!

Today we had our meeting with the clinic nurse to sign up all our consents for the IVF cycle and get my Rx for the cycle. 

The plan is:

  • Call in on CD 1 to inform the nurse that we are starting our cycle (likely around May 17). 
  • On CD 2 start taking: Estradot 100mg patch. Change every 48 hours. Estrace 2mg twice a day (vaginally). And 25mg sildenafil four times a day (vaginally). 
  • On CD 14 lining check – go in for vaginal ultrasound to check lining. Goal is to see a lining of over 0.6mm. 
  • If all goes well, that is the week they will start the egg thaw and fertilization process. If not the drug regimen to continue till we meet that lining threshold. 
  • DH to provide his sample on the day of thaw. I will start my daily progesterone at the same time (continue all the other drugs mentioned above). 
  • Transfer of one 3 or 5 day blast depending on what the embryologist decides is best. 

In terms of time off work,  they do not have any recommendation one way or the other. According to the nurse, the research doesn’t prove taking time off is beneficial. So they say do what you think is best for you. 

The transfer is not an invasive procedure so technically I can go back to work that day. However I don’t think I will. It will be too nerve wracking. I am currently undecided on whether I will take more than the one day off. Leaning towards taking at least 3 days off work. Just for my own sanity. But let’s see. It might be better to keep my brain occupied with work. I’ll decide that closer to the time. 
So that’s it. Going to drop off my prescriptions to the pharmacist now. Especially the sildenafil that needs some time to compound. 

If all goes according to plan, we will likely see a transfer date of around June 1. DH is planning to schedule his major exam around the first week of June as well. But the clinic has said they can shift transfer day by a day or two if we know for sure what DH’s schedule is. So we will have to coordinate things with the clinic closer to the time. 

And that’s it. We are ready for our first IVF cycle for next month! This is happening. Come on CD 1!


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