#MicroblogMonday: S-Town

Last week I finished listening to S-Town, the new podcast by the same people that made Serial. After finishing, it just made me miss listening to the first season of Serial (I did not find the second season quite as engaging).Microblog_Mondays

S-Town is great. It has all the elements that get you hooked and wanting to know more. Great story telling with just the right amount of suspense and plot twists to keep you hooked. I don’t want to reveal too much about the story, but suffice to say it is well worth a listen.

The problem with Serial and S-Town though is that when you reach the end of the season, it doesn’t feel finished. It is not the story telling. That was great, and they do a great job of telling the story they uncover in a way that keeps you interested. It is the material. Real life. There really isn’t a clear beginning- middle-end to life, like there is in a fictional movie or a book. Sure you could argue birth and death are the two end points. But they are not really. Before birth, there is all the preparation and anticipation, in some cases medical intervention (I’m looking at you IVF). After death there is all stuff that gets left behind, physically and emotionally. It is never really over, even when it is over.

That is why podcasts like S-Town and Serial have me hooked. They are full of complex issues, nothing is every clear cut, and in the end, you are always left wanting more. Like a perpetual cliffhanger. I love it. But it also drives me nuts!

For now I am filling the S-Town/Serial hole in my daily commute with binge watching episodes of Better Call Saul on Netflix (thank you downloadable Netflix!).  And after that maybe I will switch to reading a book. But deep down all I really want is for Serial Season 3 to come into my life.

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2 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday: S-Town

  1. Oh, I didn’t realize S-Town was similar to Serial… I LOVED the first season of Serial but never felt connected to the second season and abandoned it. I felt like the first season was a case where I knew nothing, no background knowledge at all, and the second season I did (at least some) and it made me less interested. I will have to listen to it now! I am watching Westworld right now, and it is FASCINATING. I recommend, if you’re okay with stylized violence and nudity. It’s definitely thinky. Caveat, I just finished episode 5/12 so who knows where it’s going! 🙂

  2. I’m on episode 5. I have mixed feelings about it. I like it but… I really hated the way they did the twist. It felt cheap because we’re talking about real people and real lives. I was alone, listening to it on a train, and it made me completely unsettled.

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