#MicroblogMonday: “the best”

That line seems to be thrown around a lot these days and I am not entirely sure it signifies much of anything anymore.

The besMicroblog_Mondayst t-shirt. The best car. The best time to workout. The best time to eat ice cream. The best time to call DOA on your diet (probably after eating that ice cream).

Like this weekend when I was pinterest-ing (a real word) for my dinner inspiration for the week, I came across  ‘the best steak fajitas’. Well if they are ‘the best’ then I must make them. I mean who wouldn’t want to eat the best (assuming meat eating is something you do)?

So I have a bunch of steak marinating in my fridge right now. And if it truly is ‘the best’ I might perpetuate that by sharing on my own social media about how ‘best’ it is. But if it isn’t, I am stuck eating sub-par steak fajitas for the rest of the week.

Pretty damn exciting Monday if you ask me. You might even say it’s the best.

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3 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday: “the best”

  1. Haha, it’s so true. Everything is THE BEST. It reminds me of the movie Elf – where he is super naive and he sees a little dingy cafe with the sign “World’s Best Coffee” in the window. He takes his date there to surprise her, and when he asks her what she tastes she says “A crappy cup of coffee?”. LOL. Surely it must be the best if you slap that word on it! 🙂

  2. Ha! I hope that they really are “the best.” Such a funny label, because it’s so subjective, right? I guess nobody wants to make “just good enough steak fajitas.” 🙂

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