Matters of the heart, pox and more waiting

A few updates.

First, Dr. M, the high risk pregnancy specialist that Dr. Go referred me to last year, called yesterday asking if I received an update on all my test results. She was referring to the echo-cardiogram that I received in May, last year. I had assumed all was well since I never received any calls back about the test, and during the echo-cardiogram the person conducting the test told me that everything looked fine.

Apparently not. As it happens, Dr. M’s nurse at the time quit and I guess did not follow up with various patients before leaving. Dr. M was just getting around to reviewing her files now and wanted to check in with me. I did appreciate the call, and that Dr. M took the time to call me personally. But I am not pleased with the fact that it took almost a year for them to realize their mistake. What if we had started IVF already? Anyway I am getting ahead of myself.

Dr. M advised that there is a valve in my heart that seems to be narrower that normal and that they will want to monitor that further during any pregnancy. It is nothing to worry about with respect to day to day activities, but she did give me the option of speaking with a heart specialist about it now. Yes please. Better to be prepared now than later. Plus we all know that in Canada getting an appointment with a specialist can take months so probably by the time I will get in to see the specialist I will already be well into an IVF cycle. I also updated her on our cycle dates.  So I am waiting for the referral to the heart/pregnancy specialist now.

Second, today I met with Dr. Go to discuss the Vitamin E – PTX (pentoxifylline) combo for thin lining and the timing of my varicella (chicken pox) vaccinations.

With respect to the varicella immunity, unfortunately he does not feel comfortable starting a cycle until 4 weeks after my second shot. The reasoning is that since the vaccine is a live virus, there are chances that it could affect a growing foetus and cause significant developmental issues. So they need to be sure the live virus is out of my system before any implantation. I reasoned that my CD1 is April 17, which is also when I am scheduled for my next shot, and historically, it has taken me at least 4 weeks to build a lining so any transfer is likely to occur after the 4 week mark anyways. But Dr. Go’s reasoning is that even if there is a chance that we can transfer before the 4 week mark (if my lining cooperates this time), it is too risky. And that makes sense.

So looks like DH got his wish, and we are pushing the IVF start date to May 2017. Grand scheme of things 1 month is not much. But in these circumstances, I am not too pleased to add more waiting to our schedule.

I also made sure to give Dr. Go an earful for the delay in communicating the Varicella vaccine issue. It took them a full month to tell me about it, and they knew we were looking at an April start date. He was apologetic and noted that they had received that feedback on lack of communication before. I also complained that I had yet to receive confirmation from the clinic that they had received the DEB USA shipment of our eggs and our next steps. Again he apologized. Maybe I am just being super anal about this. But communication is important to me and I don’t like being left in the dark about things. I am not sure anything will change at the clinic, but at least they are now aware of my issues. Dr. Go reiterated that he is always open to meeting with me at any point before the May start date, and asked that I call in on CD1 in May and we could get started.

Regarding the Vitamin E PTX issue, Dr. Go said that they have tried this combo before in a few other patients and have not seen any success. Additionally, he is cautious about giving me any drugs that are metabolized in the liver since my liver has been through a lot already and shows some signs of fibrosis (I am just realizing that writing down all these issues with my body makes me sound like I am seriously broken!). Both Vitamin E and PTX do have an impact on the liver. Also, it is possible to overdose on Vitamin E and that could make me sick.

Given the lack of success at their clinic, Dr. Go is not comfortable prescribing PTX to me. But he is ok with me taking 800IU of Vitamin E (400IU 2x a day) for the next 2-3 months before we start any cycle. However, he does not recommend I continue this long term because of the impact on the liver. I agree.


Finally, after our discussion, he said he is still hopeful for a positive result. I am not so convinced. But that is just my way of coping if things don’t work. At least I can say I was prepared for failure rather than be blindsided by it. At this point for me, any success will be a welcome surprise.

And so we wait.










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