A small hitch

So apparently my chicken pox immunity came back indeterminate.

That means I need the chicken pox vaccine before any attempt at IVF. The clinic will require proof that I received this before starting.

The hitch is that the vaccine is administered in 2 doses 4 weeks apart. And it will take another 4 weeks for the immunity to settle in.

I’m booked for my first shot on Monday (Mar 6) with my family doc. So next shot will be April 6-ish. Immunity to take effect by May 6. So in theory even if I start my IVF cycle around April 17 as predicted. I should be nearing transfer time by the time the full immunity kicks in. Hopefully this is ok for Dr. Go and we won’t have to wait until May to get started.

What pisses me off is that my blood tests were done on Jan 31. It has been over 1 month and they know we are scheduled for a start date in April. Why did it take the clinic so long to get back to me with this.

I wish I had said something to the nurse that called. I will mention it to Dr. Go next time I see him. I am not too happy with the responsivenes especially when timing is so important for this sort of thing.

Also Dr. Go’s office has not got back to me on the PTX/Vitamin E issue. Which is annoying as well. 

Not too pleased with the responsiveness of the clinic right now.

Update: I wrote the above yesterday and must have forgot to hit post. Today the office called and asked that I come in for a meeting to discuss the PTX/Vitamin E issue in more detail with Dr. Go. So I take back the previous comment on responsiveness. THey are back in my good books.


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