Telling Work

Told work today.

I really didn’t expect this to go too badly. They are all very supportive. The company is small (20 employees) so I expect everyone will know sooner or later. But for now I only told the HR manager (whom I share an office with) and the President (my manager).

Both needed a bit of an explanation as to what IVF actually is. The HR manager (female) needed much less explaining, whereas President (male) needed a bit more. English is not his first language, to that probably had something to do with it. But it was a bit comical:

Me: Jamil and I…

President: Who’s Jamil?

Me: My husband.

P: Oh right.

Me: So Jamil and I are planning to do in vitro fertilization this year.

P: Whats that?

Me: Like when you try to have a baby but need a doctor to help.

P: oh ok.

Me: I just wanted to let you know as it will require me to go to doctors appointments during the day and probably a few days off in May for the procedure. It won’t be a lot of time off but I did want to let you know now so you aren’t wondering where I am off to over the next few months.

P: Oh that’s fine, (with a big smile on his face) go ahead do it! Now can you review this contract for me…

It was a very brief conversation. But I feel much better now that things are out in the open with work. Now I can actually tell them why I need to step out at random times during the work day.

Plus we can start to properly plan for any future mat leave since I am essentially the only person that can do my work. We will need a clear succession plan for if and when I am not in the office. All things that we will likely discuss in the summer if all goes well, but it makes that conversation easier when everyone is expecting it to come.

Lets hope we do get to have that conversation as well.



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