#MicroblogMonday: The DE IVF Game

Game Title: DE IVF: The Quest for ParenthoodMicroblog_Mondays

Number of Players: 3 players

Level of Difficulty: Unknown

Synopsis: In this arcade style game, each player will participate in a series of challenges in the quest to achieve the ultimate goal: parenthood. It starts with Player One, who must provide one or more oocytes to the other two players. Player One’s turn may occur well before Player Two and Three enter the game. The more oocytes delivered the more chances the players have to achieve the ultimate goal.

Player Two’s role is short lived, but critical. It is all about the timing. He must create and deliver a perfect sperm sample exactly 5 days before Transfer Day. Should the timing of delivery fail, all players must start over. Should the sample fail to be adequate, all players must start over. Should he choke up and fail to perform in the moment, you guessed it, start over. After Transfer Day his role is to assist with Player Three in navigating the rest of the game but will have little control over the outcome.

Player Three must start by preparing a habitable environment to grow an embryo. The challenge is to also overcome the life obstacles that will get in the way of reaching the end. Work or family commitments will interfere with strict drug schedules. Fibroids may prevent implantation. Thin uterine lining may threaten to cancel a cycle or cause a miscarriage. If a hurdle gets in the way,  Player Three must start over. Player Three must also be careful to balance the hormonal imbalances against obstacles such as pregnant bellies and new born babies which will appear at the most inopportune moments throughout the game.

Nothing is guaranteed. All players may perform perfectly and yet a cycle may fail to produce a viable pregnancy. A pregnancy may result, but may not lead to a live birth. Any time a cycle fails, all players must start over.

This game keeps you guessing as it will end in a different result each and every time you play. Never boring. Not for the faint of heart. But all for the ultimate reward!

Do you have what it takes to win the DE IVF game?

*Must be over 18 to play, contains some nudity.

(DH is a gamer. Can you tell video games feature prominently in our lives?)

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