Hysteroscopy time

Work has been insane this week. Actually this whole month has. Last night I didn’t get home till after 8pm. 

Today we are finalizing a big financing deal that closes in three days, so it is all hands on deck to ensure everything gets signed off without a hitch. 

Naturally this is the perfect time to fit in my hysteroscopy appointment. At 1:30 today.  If I cancelled today I would likely have to wait till my next cycle (it has to be completed between days 5-12 of my cycle). If the results reveal some abnormality that needs to be taken care of then I will need more time to deal with that. So I think it is best to go ahead as planned and hope nothing comes up in the 2hrs I’m gone from the office. I will definitely need to go back in to work afterwards. And probably stay late tonight to catch up to all the other work that has taken a back seat to the financing deal. 

I let the president know I need to step out for a doctors apt. He’s normally pretty good about that as long as I give him notice. But it is a stressful time for him so who knows? 

Hopefully things will work out fine at work and the results of the hysteroscopy will come back all clear. 


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