#MicroblogMonday: Pre-(IVF)game rituals

Microblog_MondaysApart from the obvious incessant googling of every single thing that can go wrong, I am thinking I need to have some sort of ritual that is just for me and to help me prepare for the challenging summer I am about to have.

Of course with the expense of this cycle I need to come up with ideas that are budget friendly. I would have loved to have had one more getaway before we are in the thick of it. But we just had a pretty luxurious vacation in Hawaii in January so we are all tapped out for vacation funds for a while. Plus I need things that can occupy me until April.

So what can I do to help mentally and physically prepare myself for my first real IVF cycle? Ideas welcome.

For starters since I will likely go through a lot of physical changes (hopefully the good pregnancy kind, but definitely the yucky hormonal weight gain that comes with the excessive quantities of estrogen), I have decided to start wearing all my tight sexy outfits for the next few weeks while I still can. I have been taking good care of myself and feel healthy and look good. So why not flaunt what I got while I still have it? I am sure I will have opportunities to get my sexy on afterwards too, but I know that during the process the thought of putting on that pencil skirt, tight dress or even tucking in a shirt for work will just not be as appealing so I will take advantage now while I still feel good about my body.

And then there is the usual being healthy stuff.

I work out regularly. Lifting weights to build strong muscles, and will start training for another 10k run that both DH and I will (hopefully) do in May. That will also help with the above looking sexy bit, for a little while at least. And I just feel so much happier when I am working out regularly. It is a great way to clear my mind and just focus on the moment. I also find I eat healthier if I have been working out. So continuing more of the same until I have to stop for medical reasons.

I want to start getting into a regular yoga routine at home. I am a certified yoga teacher, but I stopped teaching last year due to scheduling issues and a heavier workload at work. I would at the very least like to start getting back into the routine of my own practice. I probably wont look for another teaching gig for a little while, but I do want to start researching some fertility yoga poses and perhaps build my practice around that over the next few months. This one is a bit more challenging as when I get home I am just so exhausted that all I want to do is veg in front of the TV. But I will try to push myself to at least start stretching in front of the TV a few times a week.

Speaking of, I love my weekly TV escapes. Monday night Bachelor is a must see for me. I just love watching the crazy every week. I even have DH hooked (even though he claims it is so stupid, and it is). Perhaps I can make it a Monday night Bachelor and yoga practice? Walking Dead is also back now, and Game of Thrones is right around the corner. Lots to look forward to. It is nice to be able to escape from thinking about IF 24/7.

I think this will all help me to stay sane before we are full speed ahead. Any other ideas?

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6 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday: Pre-(IVF)game rituals

  1. It sounds like you’re already doing a lot already! I laughed at your idea to wear your tight sexy clothes now while you can. Good idea! Once you are doing IVF you’ll probably be bloated and just want to wear comfy stuff. I guess go out and catch up with friends as once you start you’ll be fairly busy and tired and have less time and energy to socialize. You could also go to a spa and get in the hot tub or sauna as you won’t be able to do that during the two week wait!

  2. Yes! Wear those tight and sexy clothes now! Then go out and buy some cute cozy clothes for when you’re not feeling so hot. So, one of the first infertility books I read suggested that you make yourself a Care Package Box of sorts, something to give you a boost when you need it. It could have nail polish, gift cards to pedicures or massages, magazines, books, some beachy candles — anything that makes you feel cozy. I stocked up on candles and cozy socks. It gives you something to look forward to in a time that is stressful, especially with DE putting so much out of your control (although really how much of any of this is controllable?). It’s like a vacation or a soother in a box. I hope the time leading up to summer is enjoyable and goes relatively quickly.

  3. Joss Whedon.
    If you are not a Buffy fan this is the time to start Netflix and stream it. If you are a fan of the Joss–watch Dollhouse and Firefly.

    GREAT escapist stuff.
    Good luck!

  4. Go on Atlas Obscura and see if there are any weird, cool things within a quick day trip? We have a bunch of things around us, and we’ve been slowly ticking them off the list with visits.

    But yeah, binge watching a whole series. It’s like the characters become your friends.

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