Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep

(Anyone else hear the Work song by Rihanna in their head when you read that title? (for the record I find that song very annoying).

Hysteroscopy is scheduled for Feb 22. Just to check out the uterus make sure she’s ready to go and the fibroids haven’t taken over in there. Hopefully there won’t be any issues with that.

First acupuncture treatment booked for Mar 9. Hopefully this will give me a head start in the lining department.

About 8 weeks away from my CD1 of  IVF. (Thank you POI for allowing me to predict my CD1 with such pinpoint accuracy). If anyone is taking bets, I would put my money on a start date of April 15.

This is where the control freak in me starts to take over. I need to be doing something to prepare my body for the upcoming cycle.

Here’s the pre-IVF prep game plan so far:

  • Workout regularly – 2 times a week HIIT workouts with weight training, 2-3 times a week yoga (this might be ambitious, but maybe if I write it down it will happen right?), maybe start training for a 10k run in May (starting in March both DH and I will train for the race-I may or may not run depending on where we are in the IVF cycle by race day, but I figure the training cannot only help things so training proceeds till further notice).
  • Watch diet – try to limit processed foods and salt intake, lots of home cooking, focus on good carbs, lots of fruit and veg, once a week red meat. Limit caffeine and alcohol of course.
  • Supplements – Platinum Naturals Prenatal vitamins with DHA, Vitamin D drops (1 drop daily), Folic Acid (1mg daily), Nutra Sea Omega 3 liquid (1 tsp daily).
  • Acupuncture – once a week till start of IVF cycle, then twice a week till transfer day.

I am debating whether to start Vitamin E pills and replacing my daily tea with raspberry leaf tea. It can’t hurt I guess.

That’s one benefit of IVF I guess, since I know exactly when I plan to be ‘pregnant’ I have time to prepare my body for it. Silver lining right?


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