Real Estate and Eggs Estate

In the last 24 hours, my sister and her husband just bought a house!

They have been on the search for over a year now. With their growing family, they have wanted to move out of their 2 bedroom condo for a while. But both are notoriously slow decision makers and my sister is very hard to please. She is a total perfectionist so it is just difficult to satisfy all her requirements. Especially when it comes to a forever home!

I don’t blame them for taking their time. This is a huge decision and needs to last them a long time. Plus housing prices in our city have been growing exponentially, so the same home they were looking at two years ago is almost $100,000 more expensive now, and that is for a fixer upper! Plus sellers are getting tens of thousands of dollars above their asking price and most have a bidding war to sell the place. They lost out on two houses because their offer was just not high enough. The market has been crazy here and there are no signs of a slow down.

So this is a big deal. They saw, liked, offered, inspected and signed off on the final purchase agreement all within a 24 hour time frame. The house closes in June so they have a few months to sell their current place and then move. When I spoke with my sister on the phone after the dust settled she said it did not feel real yet. It just happened so fast!

I am so excited for them! The place looks great from the pictures I’ve seen. Very little in the way of renovations needed. And it is close to their current area so they won’t be moving far.

With all of their excitement I thought I would hold off on telling them about our big purchase. It seemed a bit awkward. Sis: Hey looks like we are buying a house today! Me: Hey isn’t that funny, we just bought eggs!

I think we will tell the family this weekend when the timing is a bit better.

I have often thought about making the switch from condo to house. But the truth is I am a total condo girl. DH would be totally happy with a house. He is real home owner. Takes pride in all things home related. He enjoys a Saturday spent browsing home decor and home renovation stores, even if it is just window shopping. It is one of the things I love about him. In comparison, I am so lazy and unmotivated. Don’t get me wrong, I loved decorating and designing our place. But once that was done I didn’t want to worry about upkeep. I just don’t want to have to worry about shoveling snow or mowing lawns or taking out the trash on garbage day. I am perfectly happy paying someone else to do all of that for me. I know we can do that in a house too, but with just two of us it just did not make sense to have so much space.

If we are lucky enough to add to our family, I don’t think I will change my mind. I think I will always want to live in a condo. And we will probably stick to a two bedroom and just make it work.

In an alternate reality, where I am not infertile, we have a huge house. At least five bedrooms. With a kid to fill each one. At times the house gets so noisy with kids that you can’t hear yourself think. And of course we would have a housekeeper/nanny to take care of the house and kids.

But unfortunately that is not this reality. For now we take care of ourselves (with the help of some home automation Alexa is awesome!) and spend our money on nice vacations. And this year a batch of eggs that will hopefully lead to one kid that can fill the second bedroom in our two bedroom condo. Not a bad reality. Just a different one that the one 14-year old me imagined.



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