#MicroblogMonday: I feel sick

I’m sick again. Both literally and figuratively. Sick with what feels like another flu, and sick of feeling so helpless in the midst of all the crazy in the world right now.

I had this past Friday off for Chinese New Year (the perks of working for a company with a head office in China). So I spent the day chillin’ with my favourite little man, my nephew. Unfortunately, he had the sniffles and naturally, since my immune system is in the same category as small children and the elderly, I managed to catch whatever it is he had. It was totally worth it and I would do it again in a heatbeat, but today my nose is stuffed and my chest is congested. I made it to work this morning, but it was such a battle to peel myself out of bed this morning. I feel exhausted from just being awake. I can’t believe I am sick again. This is flu number 3 in as many months. Brutal. I am chugging the flu meds and trying the homeopathic stuff too. Hoping something helps kick this out out of me soon.

The weekend was also spent in complete disbelief regarding world events. Trumps ode to fascism circa  Germany in the 1930’s is difficult to watch. And then, even closer to home, a mass shootings at a mosque in Quebec. Another targeted attack at the Muslim community. It is just too much for a Muslim-Canadian girl to comprehend.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families involved in the Quebec shooting.  And I am proud to read the stories of all the efforts to quash Trump’s blatant racism across the border. Despite the Quebec shooting, I do think I am incredibly lucky to live in Canada as opposed to America right now. I watch with bated breath each day hoping things don’t get much worse for the Muslim community. I will make donations to assist as best I can, but still I feel helpless and my heat is heavy with sadness right now.

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2 thoughts on “#MicroblogMonday: I feel sick

  1. You are lucky to live in Canada vs. America right now 🙂 That’s a smiley face because if I don’t laugh, I will start crying. There was a five-year-old child separated from his mother for hours — HOURS — at the airport. The video of them being reunited; her cradling his head and kissing him… I can’t even write about it without crying. Where are people’s hearts?

  2. I hope you feel better — I think the healing physically will be a lot easier than emotionally from all the awfulness right now. I am so angry, and so upset — and I am not a person targeted by these policies and fearmongering. There is such a lack of empathy, but then there are all the protests and people urging their Senators and lawmakers standing up for what is right…that gives me hope. Sending you love, and I’m glad you live in Canada, even as it’s not immune to violence. America just isn’t what it’s supposed to be right now and I fear for the future when so many people see no issue with targeting people because of their religion.

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