Met with Dr. Go to get organized for finding our egg donor and preparing for our funding date in April. Dr. Go seemed to be happier that we were going with the egg bank. He said it makes things less complicated in terms of having independent medical advice and legal advice for both parties. Makes sense.

The clinic uses anonymous donor eggs from Donor Egg Bank USA. They gave us a whole speil about how they are very discerning about who donates and they provide all the medical details on donors so we can rest easy on all donors we select from there. I expected no less.

With the egg bank, there are two options: First, is a single cycle where you obtain eggs from a donor once for a fixed price. They guarantee at least one day 3 embryo will result. However there are no guarantees of a live birth. The second option guarantees a live birth and up to 6 cycles or your money back. This is of course more costly (double a single cycle cost) and requires you to medically qualify.

Unfortunately I do not qualify for the guaranteed cycle as I would need a minimum uterine lining of 0.8mm. I barely came close to 0.7mm.

So that makes the decision easy. I guess we are opting for the single cycle. The cost of a funded DE IVF cycle will be $12,625*. In addition if we are lucky enough to have embryos to freeze we will be paying $480/year. I will also have to see a social worker to discuss DE and the implications of the whole thing ($250 for the visit). Any further FET with the same lot of eggs is all included in the funded cycle cost. The coordinator we spoke to stated that most of their patients get at least 2 embryos out of a DE cycle.

And thats it.

In terms of prep, we repeated all our blood work today to make sure everything is normal with both of us. I will need to go in for another hysteroscopy to make sure my uterus is ready for its close up. That is likely going to be the end of this month. Hopefully all the tests come back clear.

In the meantime we are going to register with the egg bank and start looking for potential donors. We have between now and late April to decide on a donor. Apparently once a donor is selected, payment is made and 2 weeks later they deliver the eggs. So that process is quite fast. After that its just a matter of calling in our day 1 to start our funded cycle.

DH will be out of town until mid-April and will be writing his exam some time after that. So it seems most likely that we will start our actual cycle in May.

Im feeling kind of excited. But I am also afraid to get too excited. I know I will just come crashing down if things go badly. But for now, I will enjoy this exciting feeling of finally having a direction to move in.

 *USD approx $16,500 in Canadian dollars. 



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