Enter 2017

As this is being posted we are (hopefully) on our plane to Honolulu.

I am looking forward to this next two weeks of me time (with DH of course). It will be nice to forget about work and life back home and just be a tourist for a while. And while I love my family, I am also happy that this new years it will be just AG and I. No drama, no stress. Just us. Perhaps we can make this a tradition for us. Celebrate new years in a different city every year?

By the time the clock turns midnight for us in Honolulu, most of you will already be in the ‘future’. I think it is kind of ironic we chose a city  that is one of the last to celebrate new years. Almost like I am subconsciously trying to avoid this upcoming year.

It is going to be a challenging year for us. So I will enjoy these few weeks of calm before the storm. Hope everyone else has a wonderful New Years and hoping for the best for 2017.




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