Starting over (yet again)

I finally heard back from the clinic. I basically had my pick of start dates through to April. I requested a start date in April 2017 to give both myself and my sister enough time to prepare.

I have a follow up, and my guess is planning, appointment scheduled for Jan 31. Just to get going on any prep or tests etc., that we might need to get started. 

In the meantime I told my sister I would need a definitive answers from her on the egg donation aspect soon so I can let the Dr know if we will be using an egg bank or not.

So far sister has been on board. But her husband wanted to check with their imam (priest) to see if there is anything, religiously, that would be a cause for concern. 

I totally get it. Obviously I would never impose on them if they were not feeling 100% ready to commit. It’s a pretty invasive thing to ask for and even I don’t feel great about making my sister go through this just so I can have a very limited shot of success. 

Apparently they have spoken to the imam and we are meeting on thu for dinner (sister, BIL, DH and myself) to discuss. My guess is they are going to say no. Which is ok by me. I am not as religious as they are so my conscience is clear either way. DH and I will be going forward regardless of their answer in thu. So I’m feeling ok about that too. 

In fact, the more I think about it, I almost want them to say no so I have no choice but to go with a donor agency. Mostly because then the risk for the donor gets transferred to someone I don’t know. It’s selfish but true. I would never forgive myself if something went wrong and my sister could no longer have kids because she agreed to go through with being an egg donor. I’m ready to pay extra and forego any possible genetic links to myself in order to minimize the risk to my sister. I think it is a reasonable trade off. 

So Thursday I will discuss with DH, Sis and BIL and then decide if we need to plan to contact an egg donation agency. 

Jan 31 I will set the wheels in motion with the Dr. And hopefully by April 2017 we’ll be in the thick of things. Although I want to be careful not to get my hopes up. It really does feel good to finally have a direction we are moving in, rather than a stagnant waiting game. 

Here we go again. 


3 thoughts on “Starting over (yet again)

    1. We havent tried Lupron yet. Probably because it is normally used to suppress estrogen production, and I don’t really produce any myself…that being said I will ask when I go in next. Thanks!

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