#MicroblogMonday: Future TBD

I don’t like uncertainty. And I don’t like waiting.

But as is the ironic truth with all things infertility, that is exactly what you are signed up for. A whole lot of uncertainty, with a good amount of ‘hurry up and wait’ thrown in for good measure. This is not new news. But it still sucks. Every. Single. Time.

I received the email that our funding date could come earlier than expected last Wednesday (Dec 14). I responded within the hour of receiving the email. (Of course, by now I am kicking myself for not responding within 5 minutes. Why wasn’t I checking my personal email account all day long on a weekday while at work?! Like maybe there is some time sensitive, first come first served, wait list for this new expedited wait list process that I have now missed the boat on because I waited a whole hour to respond… Maybe I should have called before emailing? Would that have got me to the front of this imaginary line that I am totally making up? I will never know because I decided to send an email and wait patiently for a response. Ugh. Silly me.)

And wait patiently I did. Until the next day. By the afternoon I had not heard back (phone call, email, homing pigeon or otherwise) and decided to elevate matters to a phone call. Ofcourse. Voicemail. I left a voicemail explaining I was following up on an email. And left my number for a call back. And waited patiently again.

Weekend comes along. Who decided that people should get weekend’s off from working. That is a silly rule when you are waiting on news that could affect you medically. I feel like there needs to be rule against having to wait till the next business day for this type of thing. Anyways. Celebrated 36th birthday with no great fanfare. Just quality time with the family and some shopping. It was perfect.

Now we are at Monday (Dec 19). Still nothing. Called again. Voicemail again. Sent a follow up email. Paused for a second before hitting send to consider copying the department director. Decided against it. But I will copy the director if I don’t hear back by Wednesday (Dec 21). I did inform them that I am going away on holiday soon and would appreciate a timeline for expecting a response. (Not entirely untrue. We are scheduled to leave on Dec 30).

This time I did get a response. Only to apologize for the delay and that she would be calling me today. It is now 3:30pm as I write this, and I am still waiting for the call…

Did I mention I hate uncertainty and waiting?

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