#MicroblogMonday: Money Matters

Now that an IVF cycle is likely to occur in my future, I thought it was about time I actually started to look at the dollars and cents that will go into this endevour. Both AG and I are well aware that this will cost us a pretty penny (and if I am honest, I am still really bitter about the fact that other people can do it for free and end up with a baby they don’t even want. Ugh. Oh well. Play with the cards you are dealt, amirite?)

So exactly how much will it cost?

Based on the 2016 costs for DE IVF posted by my clinic online, this is what I am budgeting for next year (Canadian Dollars, of course):

  1. Admin Fee – $350
  2. Medical Assessment for ED sis – $1,100
  3. ED IVF Cycle (includes one FET if all are frozen at retrieval time) – $12,000
  4. Mock Cycle ($500 ea, I’m estimating I will need 3 to get my lining going) – $1,500
  5. Embryo Freezing – $750
  6. FET ($2,250 each time, I am estimating at least 3) – $6,750
  7. Counselling (mandatory) – $450
  8. Storage Fee for Embryos (assuming 3 years) – $1,200
  9. Pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) – I could not find pricing info online – not sure I will need this, but it is an option so I will keep it on the list) – unknown?
  10. Drugs, acupuncture etc. – for both myself and ED sis- approx $1,500 for first cycle and about $700 for subsequent cycles for me only (assuming we get three tries) – approx. $3,000
  11. Reimbursement for ED Sis (travel, missing work, child care etc.) – $1,500

Total approx: $28,600

Now if we proceed with a government funded cycle everything, except drugs, any additional testing (e.g. PGS), and reimbursement for ED sis, will be paid by the government. So a funded cycle will cost me closer to $4,500. I know. Crazy right?

You can see the appeal of a funded cycle. But I am not going to hold out for that just yet. For now, we will proceed as if we are paying for a complete cycle ourselves. If the timing works out, then we will just happen to have $25,000 to spend on something else. Not a bad problem to have.

Our food, clothing, travel and entertainment budget just got a whole lot smaller.

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