What did we do before YouTube?

On Monday our dishwasher latch broke. Well it stopped latching properly. Which meant it wouldn’t turn on. Ofcourse DH, to whom I would have delegated the task of solving this problem, is out of town till Sunday. Naturally, the dishwasher is half full of 2 day old dishes when I discover the problem.

Since our condo is just over a year old, I started by calling the builder’s technician who agreed to come in and have a look for free to see if it is a broken part issue (even though it is out of warranty). 

On Wednesday he came in while I was at work, did something, and when I came home it was latching properly again. Yay!  I filled it up even more and went to turn in on. Same problem. Won’t latch. Now I have 4 day old dishes piling up in there. Ugh. 

I was at the point of no return. There were just too many dishes to wash by hand at this point. I needed the dishwasher fixed asap!

Tried to call the tech back. But couldn’t get a hold of him. 

 So I googled it.

And sure enough there were a few YouTube videos explaining how to fix this exact problem. 

It worked! I wish I had thought of youtubing it sooner! My dishwasher is now humming away and I am pretty damn proud of myself for fixing the problem without paying a repairman to basically unscrew the door and jiggle the latch. 

When I told DH what I accomplished he was proud of me. And then he assured me that, had he been home, he would have supervised my repair work. 

Love that man. 


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